August 3, 1876

Columbus, Ohio


Fellow citizens, my friends of Indiana: You all understand perfectly well, without any words of explanation from me, why it is that I make you no speech on political questions to-night.  I rise, therefore, in response to your greeting, merely to make my profound acknowledgments to my friends from Indiana for their kindness in making this visit, in paying me, in paying us, the citizens of this city, this kindly greeting.  We are glad to meet you.  We thank you for your call, and trust you will always remember your coming with pleasure.  I have only one sentence further.  I trust that either this evening or to-morrow morning before you go to your homes, you young men of Indiana , and the old men of Indiana, and the ladies of Indiana, if they are present, will give me the pleasure, at the governor’s office, of taking you by the hands.