April 19, 1870

Columbus, Ohio


I have the honor to transmit herewith Joint Resolution “Looking to the passage of a law by Congress for the surrender of the National Road to the counties in which is it located,” adopted by the General Assembly of Ohio, April 12th, 1870.


Very respectfully,

R. B. Hayes





Looking to the passage of a law by Congress for the surrender of the National Road to the counties in which it is located:


WHEREAS, By the building of railroads, the public travel on the National road has greatly decreased, and the public requirements not demanding its being kept up as a means of inter-state communication, nor as a post road; and


WHEREAS, The keeping of said National road in repair does and will continue to entail upon the State an ever-increasing expense, and create an unequal tax; and


WHEREAS, The Legislature of this State is, in accordance with public sentiment, encouraging the construction of free turnpikes, and the people residing along the line of the National road are required to pay toll thereon, and at the same time are heavily taxed to construct said free turnpikes for other localities in the same county; and


WHEREAS, The counties through which said National road passes can keep the same in repair at less cost than the State; therefore,


Resolved, By the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, That our Senators and Representatives in Congress be requested to urge the passage of a law by which the State of Ohio will be authorized to surrender said National road to the several counties through which it is located, as the State may provide; and for a surrender to said State of Ohio of all claims which the United States may have upon any part of said National road, and the repeal of all acts of Congress relating thereto.


Resolved, That the Governor transmit a copy of the foregoing preamble and resolution to each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress.