May 30, 1890

Cleveland, Ohio


FELLOW CITIZENS: James Abram Garfield, born and bred in Ohio, a brave and patriotic soldier of the Union army, an orator, a statesman, a scholar, President of the United States, having died in the path of duty, his countrymen of all parties and all sections, of every State, of every Territory, and of the District of Columbia-and especially his friends and neighbors of the City of Cleveland and of the Western Reserve, aided by many good people of foreign land, have built this impressive and enduring monument to perpetuate to the future generations his name and fame and memory.


This noble purpose has, by the eminent architect Mr. George Keller, of the city of Hartford, been fitly embodied in the Memorial structure which we are about to dedicate in the presence of this uncounted multitude of people-this cloud of approving and sympathizing witnesses.


Upon this ceremony, upon all who take part in it, and upon all who observe it, the Divine favor and Divine blessing will now be invoked by the Right Reverend William A. Leonard, Bishop of Ohio.


[Bishop Leonard’s invocation]


The oration of this occasion will now be given by the Hon. Jacob D. Cox, ex-governor of Ohio, a citizen of Cincinnati.


[Cox’s oration]


You will now have the pleasure of extending greetings with the President of the United States.