February 10, 1883

Cleveland, Ohio



LADIES AND GENTLEMAN: I am very glad indeed that Governor Colquitt has this opportunity to become acquainted with the people of Ohio, especially the people of the Western Reserve. No part of the United States devastated by the civil war has recovered so quickly from the effects as the State of Georgia, from whence he comes. The condition of affairs is due partly to the nature of the people and also to the course of the public men, among whom none is more conspicuous for his liberal, advanced ideas and untiring work in behalf of the people, than the gentleman with us. For six years he was Governor, and was lately elected to the Senate for six years. No one in the State is entitled to more credit for the present condition of Georgia, than is Governor Colquitt. I am glad of the opportunity to introduce him to you, and I want you to give him a right royal Buckeye welcome.