September 30, 1880

 Albany, Oregon


I am glad to meet you all. Our coast trip has been a series of agreeable surprises and successive ovations. We have been a month on the coast and thought we knew something about it, but this morning we had two surprises; one is the rain, which if it does not surprise the webfoots, does surprise us, and the other is this ladies’ band. I congratulate you on the favorable circumstances and the good improvements which we have seen. We have passed through no country which is more healthful than this. We have heard Oregonians praised for their sociability and for their desire for public education. Education is the successful cornerstone of successful settlements everywhere. Communities which have the best schools attract the best immigrants. There is a grand future for Oregon. This coast geography is powerful, controlling the Northwest and the Pacific Ocean. Its influence is extensive, and I congratulate you on what you have done and what you are likely to become.