September 9, 1880

 San Francisco, California


My friend has set me a very good example. After what has transpired to-day I surely ought not to detain you with a speech, and yet that puts me in a peculiar position. In view of the welcome I have received to your extraordinary city it would be a little ungracious in me not to express my feelings, and look as if I lacked a true appreciation of your kindness if I did not make some acknowledgement. But no language at my command at any ordinary time, and certainly none when I am dulled, as now, with the journey across the wonderful country between here and the Atlantic, is adequate to fitly frame my sentiments and feelings in a manner appropriate to the occasion. I therefore trust that you will excuse me, and trust that you, in your own minds, will regard as said by me everything fitting and proper to-night, Throwing myself on your kind indulgences permit me to say good evening.


I can do better than that, however. There is an old Argonaut here-a specimen Forty-niner; a man who always does better than he talks, and talks better than most men-General Sherman.