September 9, 1880

Sacramento California


Fellow Citizens: I have no authority to speak for the citizens east of the Rocky Mountains. I may be permitted, however, to say two or three sentences in their behalf. Whatever fraternal feelings you may have toward other American cities, I have, I think, sufficient knowledge to assure you that the citizens east of the mountains have the deepest interest in your welfare. In their neighborhood there have gone out to the Western States thousands of their sons and daughters, of whom they are always glad to hear. We admire the spirit of enterprise, pluck and genius of which you have conquered. It demonstrates your courage and causes us to feel with exultation that the great interest of the Pacific States are safe in your hands. Without detaining you longer, I wish you happiness, peace, and that abundance which we are now enjoying in the East. Nor can I express any better than that abounding prosperity which the East now enjoys, to an extent, never surpassed in the world, may be shared in full measure by you.