June 23, 1880

Gambier, Ohio


MR. PRESIDENT: If I were ever allowed to depart from a rule I laid down and hitherto have kept in public life, I should do it in response to this very hearty greeting of yours, but long ago I made up my mind that for me, it was best never to make an after dinner speech, and I have resolutely adhered to the purpose indicated. It was, I thought, right and best for me to be a listener on such occasions, so standing by my habit I will merely say that I have a very great and very warm regard for Kenyon College and for all her sons present and absent, and I trust that the college will have in its future a long and prosperous career.


“Mr. Hayden I desire that you shall carry back to Chicago my very heartiest thanks to the sons of Kenyon for their kindness, and say to them that as long as they are true to the lessons and principles taught at Kenyon College, taught then and taught now, we need have no fear of their success.”