May 17, 1880

Washington, D.C.


To the House of Representatives:


In compliance with the resolution of the House of Representatives of the 27th ultimo, calling for copies of the correspondence with the Government of Great Britain in regard to the alleged outrage upon American fisherman at Fortune Bay, in the Province of Newfoundland, I transmit herewith the correspondence called for and a report from the Secretary of State on the subject.


In transmitting the correspondence and the report I respectfully ask the immediate and careful attention of Congress to the failure of accord between the two Governments as to the interpretation and execution of the fishery articles of the treaty of Washington, as disclosed in this correspondence and elucidated by the exposition of the subject by the Secretary of State.


I concur in the opinions of this report as to the measures proper to be taken by this Government in maintenance of the rights accorded to our fisherman by the British concession of the treaty and in providing for suitable action toward securing an indemnity for the injury these interests have already suffered.


Accordingly, I recommend to Congress the adoption of these measures, with such attendant details of legislation as in the wisdom of Congress shall seem expedient.