September 30, 1879

Springfield, Illinois





[introduced by Gov. Cullom]



FELLOW CITIZENS OF ILLINOIS – By the favor of the industrious gentlemen who are represented here, the gentlemen of the press, I doubt not you are perfectly well informed of the business in which I have been engaged during the last two or three weeks, and with that information I am quite sure that you will readily pardon me if after about two or three weeks of such a life, I find myself before you—not in poor health but so dulled by travel and the weariness that belongs to the life I have been leading that I am in no condition to enter at all upon any discussion whatever of the important and interesting topics which have just been considered, in a way so earnest, so comprehensive and so eloquent, by the gentlemen who spoke in behalf of the Governor and the State throughout; nor again upon those topics touched upon by the Mayor of your city in his references to the great names of Illinois. And I am tempted a little to talk about those matters suggested by the gentleman who represents those who are to come after us. But from all that I must turn aside to assure you merely that [speech is incomplete]