September 9, 1879

Greenfield, Ohio


MY FRIENDS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN – If the surrounding circumstances were such that I could properly do so, I would be very glad to talk to you a few moments on some of the topics connected with the present business condition of the country, but situated as I am, you must take the will for the deed. Doubtless you all feel as I do, that the present condition of the country is one for congratulation. It is, I think. The judgment of the best informed men throughout the country that the revival of business is extending to all parts of the United States, and to all interests and all employments; that there is a fair prospect that business men and capitalists and laboring men are to have better times in the years to come than during the past five years. Upon all this I congratulate you and wish I could stay longer with you, but as it is, I bid you good evening.