February 7, 1879

Washington, D.C.



Ute Reserve


It is hereby ordered that the following-described tract of country in the State of Colorado, to wit: commencing at the intersection of the 37th parallel of north latitude with the 107th degree of west longitude, thence east along said parallel to the ridge described in Hayden's Geographical and Geological Survey of such State as the "National Divide" of the San Juan Mountains; thence following said divide in a general northerly and northwesterly direction to longitude 107 degrees and 23 minutes west; thence due south  to latitude 37 degrees and 17 minutes north; thence due east to the 107th meridian of west longitude; thence south with said meridian to the place of beginning, be, and the same is hereby, withdrawn from sale and settlement and is set apart as a reservation for the Munche, Capote, and Weeminuchee bands of the Ute Indians.