September 2004, Quarrying on Kelleys Island





 May 2003, White House Staff During the Hayes Administration





 November 2007, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman






 May 2002, The Journal of Sgt. William J. McKell






 May 2004, Clarence Childs: Soldier and Athlete





 March 2012, Kline Family Reunion





 March 2004, Capt. Charles H. McCleary: Medal of Honor Recipient








 March 2002, Alice Johnson: One of Ohio's First Women Architects






 July 2008, Knights of Pythias Baseball Team






 January 2912, Civil War Memoir of Capt. Jonathan Harrington







 January 2009, Dart Boat: A Revered Classic






 January 2004, Lake Erie's Biggest Fish








 Febraury 2004, Siam: America's First Siamese Cat





 February 2002, William Caldwell: Civil War Soldier, 72nd OVI







 December 2011, Lumber Hooker - C.H. Starke





 August 2012, Pen and Ink Sketches of Bob Hines





 August 2004, Old Whitey





 January 2002, Ledger Art at the Hayes Presidential Center






 February 2015, Lake Shore Electric & Nickel Plate Train Collision at Ceylon Junction





 October 2002, Harry N. Atwood: "King of the Air"






 April 2002, Students at Carlisle Industrial Indian School





 April 2003, 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry Reunion at Lakeside, Ohio





 April 2004, Ernst Niebergall, Sandusky, Ohio Photographer








 April 2007, Dalton Hayes






 August 2002, Record of the Social Events at the Executive Mansion during the Administration of President Hayes







 August 2003, Chester and Henry Buckland, 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry







 August 2009, Dwight Williams Huntington: Lawyer, Sportsman, Artist, Editor, Wildlife Conservationist








 December 2002, Dr. John B. Rice: Civil War Surgeon








 December 2003, Lucy Elliot Keeler: Author and Journalist








 December 2006, The Launch of the USS Speigel Grove







 December 2009, Sandusky County, Ohio Wolf Scalp Orders








 February 2003, Record of Indentured Servants and Apprenticeships of Green Creek Township, Sandusky County, Ohio





 February 2010, Civil War Gunboats: Morse and Mendota







 Febraury 2013, Sandusky, Ohio Volunteers of Company C, 4th Ohio Who Died While in Service in the War With Mexico








 January 2003, Muster Rolls of the Eugene Rawson Post of The Grand Army of The Republic





 January 2006, Joesph Joel, 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry








 January 2014, The Chieftain Under Construction





 July 2003, A Teenager's Letter to President Rutherford B. Hayes








 July 2006, President Lincoln's Pardon of Private Isaac P. Baird







 June 2002, General George A. Crook and the Last Hunt







 June 2003, Colonel Webb C. Hayes, Medal of Honor Recipient








 June 2006, The Assassination of President James A. Garfield: Report of Dr. John B. Rice







 June 3012, Canadiana






 March 2003, Lord's Prayer in the Wyandot Language







 March 2013, Sandusky County, Ohio World War II Purple Heart Recipient







 May 2008, Unidentified Students of Northwest Ohio School






 May 2012, Croghan School, Fremont, Ohio Photograph





 November 2002, General Benjamin and Caroline Harrison at The Berdan Cottage






 October 2003, The Jay Cooke Family at Cooke Castle







 October 2012, Enduring Link: Memory Album of Alvira Ball







 September 2002, Ice Harvesting on Lake Erie





 September 2008, Tecumseh, George Buckland's American Bald Eagle







 September 2011, Thomas H. Fisher: Memoir of Civil War Service