Notebook Feature

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This feature provides the option of creating a personal notebook of names and citations collected from a user's searches on the Obits Index. It allows you to set up your own clipboard where you can add the names and newspaper citations for your research. You can then sort the list /notebook by either the name of the person or the name of the newspaper. One use for this list would be when you visit the library which houses the microfilm of the newspaper, you can print out a list the look-ups you need to do by the name of the newspaper. 

To use the notebook feature, find a person you are looking for using the search box, scroll down to the list of newspaper sources, and click on the red “add to notebook” message. You will be then be asked for your username and password. To set up an account type in your username (usually your email address) and a password of your choosing. No one else will have access to your notebook.

To access what you have added into the Notebook, click on “View Notebook” at the top of most pages.

Post-em Notes

This is not an email account.  This area is not monitored by the Hayes staff.  Questions about the orders should be directed to 

This feature is a kind of bulletin board tool, which will allow you to post a note on the record of an individual, similar to other genealogical web sites. Simply click on “Add a Post-em” after you have searched for an individual and clicked on “details” and you can add a note to the individual’s record. Examples of such notes might be that you are willing to exchange information on this person who is your great-grandmother, additional information about the person – e.g. where she is buried or her children, or information that might differ from the newspaper account (Mom’s name was Katherine not Catharine). These notes will be posted so that everyone can see them, unlike the notebook feature. It is important to include contact information so that others can get in touch with you.

If a record in the Obits Index has a Post-em attached to it, there will be a button at the top of the page, “View Post-em”. To delete or edit a post-em, contact Becky Hill at 

The information, e.g. your email address, from either of these features, will not be collected for any other purposes by the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums.