Membership 411 Sessions

One of the benefits for members at all levels is a quarterly Membership 411 session. These informal gatherings include:

  • Refreshments
  • All 3 mini informational topics covering a different focus on each of these areas:
    • In-depth explanations on the exhibit we explored that session
    • Explanation of a manuscripts collection, genealogy benefit, or content from our library 
    • Backstory on a historical feature on the grounds of Spiegel Grove
  • Question and answer session.

Since each session will offer different information, feel free to come to all of them! See the schedule of upcoming sessions here: 2017 Schedule of Sessions

Membership 411 Videos

Click to access the June 2016 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Exposition of 1876
  • Library:
  • Grounds: Peggy Fleming Tree

Click to access the September 2016 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Presidential Campaign
  • Library: **benefit no longer offered**
  • Grounds: Tomb

Click to access the November 2016 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Travel and Administration & Issues
  • Library: Hayes Family Genealogy
  • Grounds: White House Gates

Click to access the March 2017 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Life in the White House
  • Manuscripts: The President's Collection
  • Grounds: Boffin's Bower

Click to access the June 2017 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Former President: Private Citizen, Social Advocate Gallery
  • Manuscripts: The Frohman Collection on the Great Lakes & Erie Islands
  • Grounds: Tree Naming

Follow the menu on the left to explore past Membership 411 sessions. Check out the PowerPoints and videos of each topic covered in the 411 session.