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Spiegel Grove Squires - 1860s base ball club
The diary of a vintage 'ballist.'



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The 2012 Spiegel Grove Squires strike a pose outside the Hayes Museum at the Hayes Presidential Center.

Spiegel Grove Squires - our 'Boys of Summer'
1860s-style base ball club

The Spiegel Grove Squires accept the 'Sauder Cup' as victors of the first tournament of the same name.The story of the Spiegel Grove Squires follows a path straight from the White House.

After serving as our country's 19th president, Rutherford B. Hayes retired to his Fremont, Ohio, estate - Spiegel Grove. The name of the estate is based on the President's fondness for the look of the property immediately after a rain shower. Hayes chose the German word "spiegel," which means mirror, as an apt description of the reflective rainwater pools that collect under the trees following a storm.

When the Hayes Presidential Center organized an 1860s-style base ball club in 1991, the 12 volunteer players immediately knew where to turn for a name. Their home field is located within the grounds of the Hayes estate - Spiegel Grove. The first Spiegel Grove Squires match took place July 20, 1991. It pitted the novice players against the Ohio Historical Society's Ohio Village Muffins, the first vintage base-ball team formed in the United States. After seven years of play, the Spiegel Grove Squires became inactive in 1998. The club re-formed in 2001 and now plays an average of nine matches per season.

The Spiegel Grove Squires routinely compete in the World Tournament of Historic Base Ball at Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan.

For a match by match rundown of Squires action, read Manager Jerry Wasserman's journal.


Earl Stockings Bargerstock, Marc Lefty Bragerstock, Matt Dealer Beckman,
Kevin Birdbath Beier, Ryan The Block Blodgett, Jonathan Ballpark Franks,
John M. Fly Frey, Dan Hammer Gonzalez, Ramiro Ram Gonzalez,
Kevin Diamond Horn, Gary The Ump Kaltenbach, Chad Fingers Kinsey,
Jim Tallyman Miranda, Joshua Speedy Schmidt, Ryan Iron Horse Smith,
Justin Numbers Ward, Randy Bat Ward, Jerry WingsWasserman,
Marcus Rosie Williams, and Tyler The Kid Williams

The 2013 Season is over! Here's how our boys faired
April 28 - Rain Out
May 5 - Double Header - Match 1: Loss - Squires 6, Frosty Sons of Thunder 11; Match 2: Loss - Squires 0, Akron Black Stockings 6
May 18 - WIN - Squires 33, Stemtown Stinkers 15
June 15 - Squires are Slyvania Cup CHAMPIONS - third year in a row!
June 22 - Delta Sesquicentennial - Match 1: WIN - Squires 11, Black Swamp Frogs 3; Match 2: Win - Squires 12, Stemtown Stinkers 5
July 14 - WIN - Squires 16, Local Celebrity All Stars 8
July 21 -
Rain Out
July 27 - The Sauder Village Cup tournament
- Match 1: Loss - Squires 10, Black Swamp Frogs 11; Match 2: WIN - Squires 9, Ohio Village Muffins 6
Aug. 4 - WIN - Squires 9, Great Black Swamp Frogs 7
Aug. 10-11 - World Tournament of Vintage Base Ball.
Championship Round - Match 1: Loss Squires 6, Unknowns 13;
Reserve Championship Play - Match 1: WIN - Squires 12, Canal Fulton Mules 9; Match 2: WIN - Squires 12, Wyandot Starts 7; Match 3: Loss - Squires 8, Unknowns 12
Aug. 25 - WIN - Squires 21, Stemtown Stinkers 5
Sept. 21 - Tiffin-Seneca Heritage Festival
- Match 1: WIN - Squires 11, Canal Fulton Mules 1; Match 2: Squires 16, Alliance Crossing Rails 8 (the Squires made a one-inning 10-run rally for this win!)