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General Collection

The library’s 70,000-volume general history collection focuses on the Gilded Age from the advent of the Civil War to the eve of World War I, including material written about the period as well as books published during that time. The same is true of the newspapers and periodicals, which include hundreds of “old” titles as well as over 200 current subscriptions.

An emphasis on Ohio history, especially local history (Sandusky County and surroundings), makes this unique among presidential libraries, as does a large genealogical collection. There are special collections on topics as diverse as Great Lakes shipping, 19th century prison reform (a special interest of President Hayes), Abraham Lincoln, and 19th century cookery.

The library is always interested in acquiring materials relating to U.S. history from 1850-1917, particularly Reconstruction, Civil War, Spanish-American War, railroads, education, African American history and Indian/government relations. Ohio history is also of interest, especially Sandusky River Valley and northwest Ohio. Please contact the librarian.

Special Collections in the Hayes Presidential Center Library

Hayes Family Collection

· President Hayes’ personal library – topics include military items, literature, American history – national and local levels, prison reform, genealogy

· Books belonging to his wife Lucy and their children

Gilded Age Collections

· Lyman Lincoln Collection

· Abraham Lincoln and his era

· Over 1600 books, pamphlets, articles, and other items

· Donated by the Grand Lodge of Ohio, Independent Order of Odd Fellows

· William Dean Howells Collection

· Writings of Howells

· Manuscripts and correspondence

· First editions and variation copies collected by H. Reid Coleman

· Rendell Rhoades Croquet Collection - Books, pamphlets and articles about the classic Gilded Age game. Donated by Mrs. Rendell Rhoades

· John Sherman Collection

· Over 8,000 pamphlets collected by John Sherman, Secretary of the Treasury under the Hayes administration - Deals with slavery, Reconstruction, railroad history, bridge construction, Mormonism, and the tariff and the currency question.

Special Collections

· Charles E. Frohman Collection

· History and growth of Erie County and Sandusky

· Ohio railroad development

· The theatre, mid-19th to early 20th century

· Book, manuscripts, pamphlets, and photographs

· Sandusky newspapers, 1822-present

· Subject and name index to the newspapers and photos

· Reinhardt N. Ausmus Collection: Pioneering aircraft design and early aviation

· Capt. Frank E. Hamilton Collection: photos, shipping registers, and other papers pertaining to Great Lakes shipping history

· Paul F. Laning Railroad Collection

· Railroad history in Ohio and elsewhere, late 1800’s to 1980 - Books, timetables, photos, memorabilia, and miscellaneous manuscript material

· Janet L. Wood Food and Family Collection

· 19th century cookbooks, plus books on etiquette and home management

Civil War Material

· Official Roster of the Soldiers of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion (12 volumes)

· Alphabetical Index to Roster (5 rolls of microfilm)

· Regimental histories and rosters – including 19 rolls of film of Ohio Civil War Regimental Histories from the Ohio Historical Society

· Roster of the Union and Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865 by Broadfoot Publishing Company – a complete index on CD-ROM of all Civil War soldiers.