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Lucy Elliot Keeler Photograph Collection
1887 - 1929

Lucy E. Keeler

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The Lucy Elliot Keeler Photograph Collection consists of more than 1,885 albumen and cyanotype prints dating from 1887 to 1929. Keeler arranged the prints chronologically in sixteen 6 ½ x 8 ½ inch albums. Keeler experimented with a variety of cameras, including early Kodak cameras, creating prints of varying quality, size and shape. Most of the images were dated and identified by Keeler.

Pictures of friends, family, gardens, homes (including interiors), historic sites, and Keeler’s travels dominate the collection. Of particular note are the candid images Keeler took of Rutherford B. and Lucy Webb Hayes and the Hayes family at Spiegel Grove during the post-presidential years. Many of these appear in Album 15. Keeler also photographed Hayes relatives, including the Birchard A. Hayes family (Hayes’ eldest son), the Rutherford H. Platt family in Columbus, Ohio; the Russell Hastings family in Bermuda; and the Bigelow family in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Keeler photographed the Erie Islands; Cedar Point; the Sandusky River; and Fremont, Ohio, residences, churches, streets, public buildings, parks, and community events until well after the turn of the century. Most of her travel photographs were taken in New York state, New England, and along the eastern seaboard. However, there are some pictures from Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, and California. In 1911, Keeler toured the Mediterranean and photographed sites in Italy, Gibraltar, and Morocco.

The albums also contain photographs taken by others. There are photographs of Bejing (Peking) and Shanghai, China, by Colonel Webb C. Hayes, K. P. Loring, and members of the Fitch family, who served as missionaries in China for many years. Album 14 contains undated, unidentified images, however, many were taken at the 1887 meeting of the American Library Association. Rutherford Platt Hayes (third son of President Hayes) attended this meeting and appears in some of the photographs and may have taken others.

Using the Index
Pictures in the sixteen albums have been indexed by the surname of the individual or the place appearing in the photograph. When the photograph is of an event, the subject of the event appears in the name field (e.g. parade, flood, etc.) The volume and page number are given for each image. Keeler’s notes on subject matter appear in the "subject" field. If known, the date, location, photographer, and names of any other individuals are listed.

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