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Hayes Historical Journal: A Journal of the Gilded Age

Selected Articles

Inspired by the nation’s bicentennial, the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums began publication of The Hayes Historical Journal: A Journal of the Gilded Age in May 1976 during the directorship of Watt P. Marchman, who served as the Journal’s executive editor. The semi-annual publication was devoted to studies of the Hayes era. The Journal featured, according to its first managing editor Dr. Kenneth E. Davison, Professor of History at Heidelberg University, "illustrated articles and documents dealing with the personalities and interests of President Hayes’ lifetime (1822-1893), and especially the period of his presidency (1877-1881) and retirement from politics, when the ex-President was active in many social and philanthropic causes."

Under the directorship of Leslie H. Fishel, jr., the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museum restated The Hayes Historical Journal’s focus "as the Gilded Age, purposefully defined as the period in American history between the Civil War and the First World War. Within that period, the people and processes surrounding Rutherford B. Hayes had a primary claim, but the Journal is also dedicated to the exploration and discovery of individuals and events which gave meaning and character to the Gilded Age. At the same time, the Journal highlights the rich resources and varied programs of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums. Materials selected for the Journal range from subjects of a local or regional nature, such as the Sandusky River or the Lake Erie Islands, to national and international topics from President Hayes’s era and the whole Gilded Age."

Issues featured scholarly articles about the Gilded Age, book reviews, and pictorial portfolios. The Journal also published original diaries, journals, letters, and memoirs from the Manuscript Collections of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Hayes Presidential Library and Museums. Among the contributors were prominent Gilded Age historians such as Ari Hoogenboom, Allan Peskin, Vincent P. DeSantis, James M. McPherson, Emily Apt Geer, and John Y. Simon.

Sally Daubel was appointed managing editor during the Journal’s 5th year of publication. In 1986, Bruce Bowlus took over the role of managing editor of the now quarterly publication. He continued as editor until the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums suspended publication of the Journal in 1993 because of decreased funding.

Issues of The Hayes Historical Journal may be purchased by contacting Nan Card, Curator of Manuscripts (

The Hayes Historical Journal: A Journal of the Gilded Age

Below is a chronological list of titles of articles appearing in The Hayes Historical Journal. Text of selected articles from The Hayes Historical Journal appears in digitized format. Photographs accompanying the original articles are not available online.

Volume I, Number 1
Spring, 1976

Volume I, Number 2
Fall, 1976

Volume I, Number 3
Spring, 1977

  • Governor Hayes Visits the Centennial
    By Thomas A. Smith
  • Samantha at the Centennial
    By Wayne Falke
  • Women and the Fairs of 1876 and 1893
    By William D. Andrews
  • Album: American Material Culture in 1876
    Compiled by The Editors
  • Selling the Subscription Book
    By Beverly R. David
  • The Philadelphia Centennial as a Teaching Model
    By Thomas J. Schlereth
  • The Utility of 1876
    By Leslie H. Fishel, jr.
  • Essay Review: Gore Vidal, 1876, a Novel
    By Harry Barnard

Volume I, Number 4
Fall, 1977

Volume II, Number 1
Spring, 1978

  • The Kenyon Experience of R.B. Hayes
    By Richard Samuel West
  • College Costs: What Rutherford B. Hayes Spent as a Student at Kenyon, 1838-1841
    Compiled by Watt P. Marchman
  • A "Fair Count" in Florida: General Lew Wallace and the Contested Presidential Election of 1876
    By Lee Scott Theisen
  • An Unusual Indian Peace Medal of the Hayes Era
    By William C. Blynn
  • Album: Political Cartoons of the Hayes Presidency
    Compiled by Kenneth E. Davison
  • The Rutherford B. Hayes Family
    By Emily Apt Geer
  • The Hayes Administration and the Woman Question
    By Beverly Beeton
  • Mary Clemmer Ames: A Victorian Woman Journalist
    By Maurine Hoffman Beasley

Volume II, Number 2
Fall, 1978

Volume II, Number 3, 4
Spring, 1979, Fall, 1979

Volume III, Number 1, 2
Spring, 1980, Fall, 1980

Volume III, Number 3
Spring, 1981

  • Presidential Statement
  • The Ohio Indians in Fact and Fancy
    By George W. Knepper
  • Needs and Opportunities in North American Indian Studies
    By Dwight L. Smith
  • Native Land Rights in Canada and the United States
    By Rosemary A. McCarney
  • A Portfolio of Photographs
    By A. L. Princehorn
  • New Approaches to the Indian History of Early America
    By Albright G. Zimmerman
  • The Urban Indian
    By Pauline R. Chaat Smith

Volume III, Number 4
Fall, 1981

  • The Hiram College Garfield: Commemoration Lectures
    By Michael E. Starr
  • A Century of Garfield
    By Allan Peskin
  • James A. Garfield: A Man Called, A People Saved
    By Senator Mark O. Hatfield
  • A Pictorial Album: Garfield in Pen and Ink
  • James A. Garfield And The Classics
    By Robert W. Sawyer
  • Garfield’s Congress
    By Harry James Brown

Volume III, Number 5
Spring, 1982

Volume III, Number 6
Fall, 1982

  • Biography in Eruption
    By Harry Barnard
  • Darwin Revisited
    By Paul K. Conkin
  • A Celebration of Holiday Color: A Portfolio of Raphael Tuck Postcards
  • The Attorney Generalship of Charles Devens
    By Stephen Cresswell

Volume IV, Number 1
Spring, 1983

  • A Revolution Gone Backward: The Black Response to the Hayes Administration
    By Bess Beatty
  • Memories of a Childhood in Bermuda
    By Lucy Horsfall
  • Carl Rakeman: A Portfolio of His Work
  • Art and Industry: Upper-Class Support for the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art, 1876-1900
    By Barbara J. Howe

Volume IV, Number 2
Fall, 1983

Volume IV, Number 3
Spring, 1984

Volume IV, Number 4
Fall, 1984

Volume V, Number 1
Spring, 1985

Volume V, Number 2
Fall, 1985

  • Clarence C. Childs: Musician, Soldier, Athlete
    By Carl G. Klopfenstein
  • Diary of Clarence Childs: Book I
    Edited by Carl G. Klopfenstein
  • "The Capture of Caratura"
    By Sherwood Anderson

Volume V, Number 3
Spring, 1986

Volume V, Number 4
Summer, 1986

  • Why the Gilded Age?
    By Allan Peskin
  • The Very Victorian Rutherford B. Hayes
    By Leslie H. Fishel, jr.
  • Images of the Gilded Age: Life in the Midwest, 1880-1920
  • Book Review Essay: The One Room School House Grows Up
    By Lewis E. Miller

Volume VI, Number 1
Fall, 1986

Volume VI, Number 2
Winter, 1987

  • Progressive Era Children and the Photographs of Jacob Riis and Lewis Hine
    By Andrew Gulliford
  • The Other Gilded Age Children: Selected Photographs of Jacob Riis and Lewis Hine Spreading the Word: Excerpts from Books by Three Reform Writers
  • Book Review Essay: Paths of Resistance: An Exercise in Relativism
    By Lawrence H. Larsen

Volume VI, Number 3
Spring, 1987

Volume VI, Number 4
Summer, 1987

Volume VII, Number 1
Fall, 1987

Volume VII, Number 2
Winter, 1988

Volume VII, Number 3
Spring, 1988

Volume VII, Number 4
Summer, 1988

  • Material Culture: The Stuff of Public History
    By James B. Snider
  • Pictorial Portfolio: Material Culture at the Hayes Presidential Center
    By James B. Snider
  • An Unorganized Commitment to Preserve: The James A. Garfield House
    By Ronald W. Johnson
  • The Celebrated Haines’ Patent Fruit Jar: The Story of Colonel Joel Haines, Its Inventor, and the J.W. Carter Glass Works, Its Manufacturer
    By Rendall Rhoades, edited by Annie Grieshop
  • Carte de Visite: Captain Alexander McDougall
    By Bruce Bowlus
  • Book Review Essay: The Presidency of Benjamin Harrison
    By Phyllis F. Field

Volume VIII, Number 1
Fall, 1988

Volume VIII, Number 2
Winter, 1989

  • Florence Chance Huntley and Exotic Religion in the Gilded Age
    By Lewis O. Saum
  • Photographic Portfolio: Cleopatra’s Needle
  • How To Read Wright: The Equity of the Wage System and the Morality of Spending
    By John F. McClymer
  • Carte de Visite: Louis Agassiz
    By William Henry Longton
  • Book Review Essay: Political History, Public Office, and the Political Career of Walter Q. Gresham
    By Philip R. VanderMeer

Volume VIII, Number 3
Spring, 1989

Volume VIII, Number 4
Summer, 1989

Volume IX, Number 1
Fall, 1989

Volume IX, Number 2
Winter, 1990

  • Were the Populists Prophets?
    By Allan Peskin
  • Gilded Age Evangelicals, New Evangelical Historians, and the Politics of Discourse
    By Richard S. Taylor
  • Carte de Visite: Webb C. Hayes
    By Thomas A. Smith
  • Pictorial Portfolio: Webb C. Hayes
  • Book Review Essay: Russia Looks At America: The View to 1917
    By Joseph E. O’Connor

Volume IX, Number 3
Spring, 1990

  • "A Republic of social industrialism:" The Reform Thought of T. B. Wakeman
    By Gillis J. Harp
  • The "American Standard" of Living: Family Expectations and Strategies for Getting and Spending in the Gilded Age
    By John F. McClymer
  • Pictorial Portfolio: Fine Art during the Gilded Age
  • Carte de Visite: Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer
    By Robert M. McColley
  • Book Review Essay: Keepers of Culture
    By Robert H. Muccigrosso

Volume IX, Number 4
Summer, 1990

  • Who Was William Wheeler?
    By Frank P. Vazzano
  • Protestant Millenarianism and United States Foreign Relations at the End of the Nineteenth Century
    By Robert Freeman Smith
  • Pictorial Portfolio: The Artic Expedition of the Florence, 1877-1878
  • Carte de Visite: Louis Moreau Gottschalk
    By Richard Jackson
  • Book Review Essay: John A. Bingham: Politician and Diplomat Extraordinary
    By Mark A. Plummer

Volume X, Number 1
Fall, 1990

  • Hayes: Model of a Modern Ex-President
    By Leslie H. Fishel, jr.
  • Pictorial Portfolio: The President’s Photographs
  • Carte de Visite: Samuel Mather
    By Bruce Bowlus
  • Book Review Essay: John F. Reynold’s Testing Democracy
    By Howard W. Allen

Volume X, Number 2
Winter, 1991

Volume X, Number 3, 4,
Spring, 1991, Summer, 1991

  • A Diary of a Summer in Europe, 1889
    By John D. Skilton, Edited by Bruce Bowlus
  • Pictorial Portfolio: Advertising in the Gilded Age
  • Carte de Visite: Chief Joseph: Guardian and Spokesman of the Nez Perce Indians
    By J. D. Britton
  • Book Review Essays: William H. Wilson’s The City Beautiful Movement
    By Ronald Dale Karr
  • White Ribbons Around the World
    By Jean H. Baker

Volume XI, Number 1
Fall, 1991

Volume XI, Number 2
Winter, 1992

Volume XI, Number 3
Spring, 1992

Volume XI, Number 4
Summer, 1992

Volume XII Number 1, 2
Fall, 1992, Winter, 1993

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