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By Presidential Design
Exhibition extended through August 15, 2007!

An original blueprint, sketch & 1800s photo are backdrop to the people responsible for the home's construction - Rutherford & Lucy Hayes and Sardis Birchard.With the exception of Thomas Jefferson, no U.S. President was more intimately involved in the design, construction and decoration of his home than Rutherford B. Hayes. From the time his legal guardian Sardis Birchard consulted him about building a “summer cottage” near Fremont, Ohio, Hayes took a personal interest in the house. He looked forward to making it his permanent residence after completing a second term as Ohio Governor in 1873. Hayes detailed his plans for the home in his diaries, even including sketches of architectural details and furnishings. His plans were interrupted by his 1875 re-election as governor and subsequent election as 19th President of the United States. President Hayes eventually would complete two additions to the home – in 1881 and 1889. He and Lucy planned to entertain friends in grand style and to welcome their grandchildren for extended stays. Sadly, Lucy Hayes died as the final addition was being finished.

An original stained glass window from the Hayes mansion is part of the exhibit.By Presidential Design details the evolution of the home of President Rutherford B. Hayes - from its modest beginning as a 16-room house to its eventual state as a 31-room presidential mansion. Original blueprints, artifacts, and sketches in President Hayes’ own hand are included, as are plans for the home’s return to its 19th-century grandeur (restoration is to begin in 2007). By Presidential Design will be on display through August 15, 2007.