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'Buckeye' President' exhibit!
Visitors read information about how Rutherford Hayes (in portrait) helped create The Ohio State University.

Rutherford B. Hayes is the only one of Ohio’s eight presidents who was born and died in the state. Hayes was proud of his Ohio roots and often referred to himself as a “Buckeye.” That term took on added significance when, as governor of Ohio, Rutherford B. Hayes played a lead role in creation of the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College – today known as The Ohio State University.

The Hayes Presidential Center highlights Rutherford B. Hayes’ intense pride in being an Ohioan and his strong links to OSU with its exhibit Rutherford B. Hayes: Buckeye President, which ends its six-month run April 13, 2014. The exhibit was made possible through funding from Diversified Insurance and Auto-Owners Insurance .

An interactive One-Room Schoolhouse allows students to experience what public education was like in the 19th Century.Hayes was raised in Ohio, received most of his education in the state, married a fellow Buckeye, and reared his family here. His varied careers also were entrenched in Ohio. Hayes was a city solicitor in Cincinnati, served in and commanded the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, was elected to one of Ohio’s U.S. Congressional seats, and was a three-term Ohio governor.

Along with his devotion to Ohio, Hayes spent much of his life promoting education for all. He believed the foundation of a strong nation was an educated populace. It was in his first term as Ohio governor, that Hayes used his political influence to convince the Ohio Senate and House to pass legislation needed to establish a land-grant college. That institution was re-named The Ohio State University in 1878.

In conjunction with the exhibit, the Hayes Presidential Center has published an educational handout Past Times. To view the publication click here.