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Scope and Content



In addition to the textual files, the Hayes Presidential Center holds microfilm of the Manning Force Papers located at the University of Washington, containing material on the various aspects of his life. They include journals kept by Force during the Civil War and while at Harvard. A close friend of President Rutherford B. Hayes, Force was a frequent visitor to Spiegel Grove. The Hayes Papers contain Force’s correspondence with Hayes from 1865 to 1897. Typed transcripts are available.

Biographical Sketch

Born in Washington, D. C. in 1824, Manning Ferguson Force was the son of Peter Force, the city’s mayor. He attended Harvard, graduating from the school of law in 1849. The following year, Force moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and began his practice and became a member of the Cincinnati Literary Society. In 1861, Force joined the Union forces as major of the 20th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Serving in the western theater as part of General James B. McPherson’s XVII Corps, Force participated in the campaign against Fort Donelson, the Battle of Shiloh, the campaign and siege of Vicksburg, and the Atlanta campaign. For his valor during the Atlanta campaign, Force was promoted to major general of volunteers in March of 1865, and in 1892 he was awarded the Medal of Honor. Force commanded the military district of Mississippi until January 1866. Resuming his law practice in Cincinnati, he was elected to the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, and to the superior court in 1877. He remained in that position until 1888. During this time, Force also served as a professor at the Cincinnati Law School. He married Frances Horton in 1874. The couple had no children. Force was active in the Military Order of the Loyal Legion and was president of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio (Ohio Historical Society). From 1888 until his death in 1899, Force served as commandant of the Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home in Sandusky, Ohio. Deeply interested in history and archeology, General Force wrote numerous articles on Ohio history as well as the Civil War and law.

Scope and Content

The collection consists primarily of miscellaneous correspondence written by friends, colleagues, and Civil War comrades to Manning Force during the post-war years. Extending from 1866 to 1895, the correspondence reflects Force’s continued interest in military organizations and reunions, and the written history of the Civil War.



1. A. Force, M. F. to E. C. Brown, 26 November 1885 [Ac. 621]
    B. Force, Peter to M. F. Force, 5 September 1866 [Ac. 1207]
    C. Force, M. F. to A. T. Gordon, Esq., 31 January 1870 [Ac. 1571]
    D. Force, M. F. to L. J. Cist, 7 September 1867 [Ac. 4547]

Letters to General Manning Ferguson Force [Ac. 5518]
2. Reprint of speech to the Army of the Cumberland [Taylor, Daniel Morgan, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas,
    dtd. 9 Oct. 1883]

3. Invitations:
    A. The Ladies Citizen’s Committee National Reception [Logan, Mrs. John A. and Clara Barton, dtd.
        19 Sept. 1892]
    B. The John A. Logan Posts G.A.R. of the Illinois G.A.R. and the Woman’s Relief Corps, [Logan,
         Mrs. John A., dtd. 20 Sept. 1892]
    C. Reunion of the Survivors of the Army of the Tennessee, dtd., 22 Sept. 1892, including 
         sixteen-page report of reunion committee
    D. Twentieth Ohio Regimental Association, dtd 29 Aug. 1895

4. Bliss, Eugene F.
    A. 9 Aug. 1886, re: Articles of Association of the Ohio Company
    B. Two envelopes; 27 Feb. 1892, 12 Dec. 1892

5. Brockway, J. R. (GAR quartermaster in Cincinnati)
    A. 12 Aug. 1892, re: Rail fare to Washington, D. C. for veterans

6. Chickering, Josiah Boutelle
    A. 15 June 1878, re: Appreciation for presenting diplomas at Chickering Classical and Scientific
         Institute, Cincinnati

7. Coppinger, J. V. (Inspector-General Department of the Missouri)
    A. 29 Oct. 1882, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, re: Appreciation for pipe sent by Force
    B. 19 Jan. 1883, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, re: Inspecting posts in Colorado and New Mexico

8. Dodge, Richard Irving (Headquarters Army of the U.S)
    A. 28 Nov. 1881, Washington, D. C., re: Distribution and sale of Civil War flags

9. Kemper, Andrew C. (physician)
    A. 24 Feb. 1885, re: Force’s recollections of the Vicksburg Campaign

10. Hamilton, James Kent (attorney)
      A. 12 Sept. 1873, re: Reunion of the Army of the Tennessee

11. Harmon, Judson (judge)
      A. 14 Sept. 1883, re: legal issues
      B. 1 Sept. 1884, re: salary

12. Jones, Charles Colcok (attorney and historian)
      A. 9 May 1884, re: Autographs
      B. 26 May 1884, re: Appreciation of autograph
      C. 2 Aug. 1884, re: Appreciation of autograph
      D. 15 Oct. 1884, re: Appreciation of autograph
      E. 29 Jun. 1885, re: Appreciation of letter
      F. 28 Nov. 1885, re: Reply to letter

13. Loomis, John Mason
      A. 3 Nov. 1891, re: Admiration of the Force women

14. Moulton, C. W. (attorney)
      A. 5 Jun. 1883, re: Appreciation for Force’s address at Marietta

15. Nicholson, Colonel John P.
      A. 20 Dec. 1883, (Christmas card)

16. Norton, Charles Eliot (author, critic)
      A. 30 May 1868, re: Letter of introduction of C.H. Pearson
      B. 6 Sept. re: Introduction
      C. May 1885, re: Printed broadside

17. Oliver, George
      A. 3 Nov. 1880, re: Congratulations on the election of President Rutherford B. Hayes

18. Orr, W. P.
      A. 13 Sept 1892, re: Decline of invitation

19. Patterson, James Willis (Senator)
      A. Sept 1871, re: Pamphlet about patents and inventions

20. Perkins, Charles Elliott (railroad president)
      A. 27 Oct 1882, re: Response to Force’s request that he telegraph the Secretary of War urging
           Gen. Pope’s promotion

21. Pomeroy, George
      A. 19 Feb. 1882, re: Appreciation for Force’s assistance in the burial of his father

22. Pope, General John
      A. 22 Nov. 1882, re: Newspaper clipping on General U. S. Grant’s article in the North American
[no letter]

23. Porter, J. M.
      A. 2 Aug. 1871, re: Personal letter expressing his wish to see Force

24. Potts, Benjamin F. (Governor of Montana Territory)
      A. 20 May 1876, re: Request for Force’s recommendation of him to Secretary Taft, expresses
           political opinion of Blaine, and request for support on Indian matters

25. Shaffer, Newton Melman (physician)
      A. 16 Aug. 1867, re: Visit to Force

26. Shippen, Joseph (attorney)
      A. 12 Oct. re: Health and doctrine of the Unitarian Church

27. Stead, Robert (architect)
      A. 10 Nov. 1886, re; Birth of son
      B. 7 Jan. 1892, re: Invitation to Cosmos Club
      C. 3 Mar. 1892, re: Photograph of his sons and design of building on F St., Washington

28. Storer, Bellamy (Congressman) and wife Maria Longworth Storer (artist)
      A. 26 Dec 1891, re: Invitation to Force to visit
      B. 4 Jan. 1892, re: Arrival of generals in Washington, D. C.
      C. 13 Jan. 1892, re: Invitation to Force to concert
      D. 14 Jul. 1892, re: Committee work on Foreign Commerce

29. Woolworth, James M.
      A. 12 Jan. 1892, re: Cancellation of dinner engagement

30. Miscellaneous envelopes

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