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Biographical Sketch

Scope and Content



The Stevenson Family Collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 2002 by Mrs. Norman Sinclair.

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Matthew Stevenson, second son of James Stevenson, Jr., was born in Frederick County, Maryland, in 1777. He married Jane Gilson, daughter of Thomas and Nancy (Boyd) Gilson in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, in 1810. Stevenson studied medicine with a maternal uncle, Dr. John Buchanan. In 1831, Stevenson settled his family on the North Sand Ridge in York Township, Sandusky County, Ohio. Stevenson practiced medicine throughout Sandusky County and in communities as distant as Tiffin and Sandusky, Ohio. A devout member of the Methodist Church, Stevenson served as a lay minister. Matthew and Jane Stevenson were the parents of eleven children.

Born in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, in 1810, James David Gilson Stevenson, moved with his parents and siblings to Sandusky County, Ohio. He studied medicine with Dr. Henry Kuhn of Tiffin, Ohio. He married Mary Elizabeth Sizer, daughter of Samuel and Lois (Love) Sizer. In 1845, Dr. James D. G. Stevenson moved with his wife’s family to Buffalo, New York, where they spent the remainder of their lives. Dr. Stevenson died in Buffalo in 1890.

Walter Edward Stevenson, who was born in 1848 in Buffalo, New York, was the third of Dr. James D. G. and Mary Elizabeth (Sizer) Stevenson’s six children. Stevenson taught school and worked as an accountant for most of his life. He married Mrs. Mary Louise (Hocke) Miller of Pierpoint, New York, in 1888. She was the widow of August Miller by whom she had four children: Jessie, Mary Cordelia, Bertha Louise, and Frederick William. Following her husband’s death, Mary Louise’s children were adopted by Rev. Gaylord Hartupee of Holmes County, Ohio. The adoption was accomplished through a legal instrument of indenture. Mary remained in York Twp., caring for George Steward, a York Twp. farmer, and his daughter who was mentally handicapped. Following their deaths, she inherited the Steward home and large farm on York Township’s North Ridge known as "Sunnyside." All five children of Walter E. and Mary Louise (Hocke) Stevenson were born at "Sunnyside." They were Walter James, Ethel, Marie Lois, and twins Hortense and Harriett. Walter and Mary eventually sold the farm and settled on land near Green Springs, Ohio. Later, they resided in Clyde, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan. Following Mary’s death, Walter lived with siblings in Buffalo, New York, until his death in 1922.

Scope and Content

The Stevenson Family Collection is comprised primarily of identified family photographs, documents, and artifacts. The bulk of the material, dating from the Civil War to 1932, focuses on the Walter E. and Mary Louise (Hocke) Miller Stevenson family. Also included in the material are images of and documents associated with Mary Louise’s children by her first husband, August Miller, and his family. Many of the photographs of earlier generations of Stevensons and collateral relatives were identified by the donor, Mrs. Norman Sinclair, a daughter of (Mrs. Haven) Hortense Stevenson Sturdevant. Others were identified by older Stevenson and Miller family members.

The photographs and documents are filed in family groups that preserve the arrangement and description created by the donor. Artifacts and an album of identified images, primarily carte de visites, are housed in Box 3. In most instances, the name of the individual appearing in the image is listed on the album page. However, in some cases, only the name and/or location of the studio is listed on the album page. This information has been recorded in the Inventory. Two large diplomas belonging to Hortense Stevenson Sturdevant were transferred to the Oversize Area and several books were transferred to the General Collection. For a detailed genealogy of the Walter E. Stevenson family, see James Stevenson Family Genealogy by George Urie Stevenson, 1964. [CS71.S81S81 ORR]


Ac. 5567
½ linear ft.

Box 1

1. Dr. James David Gilson Stevenson-Photos (1)
2. Walter E. Stevenson - Photos (14)
3. Walter E. & Mary Hock Miller Stevenson Home - Sandusky County, Ohio - Photos (7)
4. Walter E. Stevenson - Photo Album - (15)
5. Clara Louise Stevenson - Sister of Walter E. Stevenson - Photo (1)
6. John M. & Margaret Elizabeth Stevenson Family - Photo (1)
7. James A. Stevenson Family - Photo (1)
8. Will S. & Marie A. Stevenson Family - Photos (4)
9. Walter J. Stevenson - son of Walter E. & Mary Hock Miller Stevenson - Photos (4)
10. Haven & Hortense Stevenson Sturdevant Family - Photos (12)
11. Frank & Ethel Stevenson Bishop Family - Photos (12)
12. Mary Elizabeth Stevenson (Mother of Walter E.)- Photo (1)
13. "Bat" & Harriet Stevenson Boyer Family - Photos (5)
14. Dan & Marie Stevenson Dumbick Family - Photos (7)
15. Fred Miller - Photos (3)
16. Jessie & Mary Miller - d/o August & Mary Louise Hock Miller [Stevenson] - Photos (5)
17. Arthur & Phoebe Stevenson Family - Photos (8)
18. Arthur E. Stevenson Family - Photos (6)
19. Hock Family - Photos (11)
20. Louis Hocke (Uncle of Mary Hock Miller Stevenson) - Photo (1)
21. Mr. & Mrs. Fred Mueller Family - Photos (6)
22. Perry G. & Mary Miller Jones Family - Photos (10)
23. Mr. & Mrs. Ortive Haff - Photo (1)
24. Stereopticon Views - Miscellaneous (9)
25. Fremont Flood - Photos (6)


Box 2

Cased images and tintypes (8)
    Jacob Hocke
    Walter Edward Stevenson, aged 12
    Mary Elizabeth Sizer Stevenson
    Jane Buchanan Stevenson
    Elizabeth Jane
    Walter E. Stevenson (daguerreotype), Jake Hocke (tintype)
    Walter E. Stevenson (brooch with image), 1920
    Engraved plate for business cards for Fred Miller, Indianapolis, Indiana

1. Insurance Policies, Business Documents of Mary Miller c. 1871-1887
2. Apprenticeship Document - Children of August and Mary Hocke Miller - 1884
3. George H. Steward Receivership Papers - 1886
4. Walter E. Stevenson Guest Book Pages - 1878
5. Field Notes and Deeds, York Twp., Sandusky County, Ohio - 1824
6. Walter E. Stevenson Correspondence - 1921
7. Hortense E. Stevenson Sturdevant Correspondence - 1920-1931
8. Masonic Membership of Fred Miller, Indianapolis, Indiana - 1921
9. Obituary of Mabel Frances Beebe - 1899
10. Diary: January - June, 1864
11. Recipes, Pamphlets, Memorabilia
12. Greeting Cards - c. 1867-1932


Box 3

Photograph Album
    Captain Samuel De Zoscieur Stevenson
    "Belle Flagg, Oak Park, IL, 16 yrs., 1875"
    Mary Elizabeth Stevenson
    Elizabeth Jane Stevenson, "Aunt Libby, b. 1852"
    Eva M. Hurd, Findlay, Ohio, 19 yrs., 1873
    Fannie A. Hurd, 16 yrs., 1874
    Mary Louise Stevenson "Mother of Hortense and Harriet", 1854-1918
    Walter E. Stevenson, "Husband of Mary; Father of Hortense and Harriet, Forestville, NY"
    "Nellie to Walter, 1877, Buffalo, Jan 4/77"
    Forestville, NY
    Lucinda Burley
    Mary Louise Stevenson (Hoch), 1854-1918
    "E. P. Jones girls," Findlay, Ohio
    Geo. Jones, "E. P.’s Son, 7yrs., 1874"
    "Cousin Susie Covey, Elmira, NY, 12 yrs., 1876"
    Wm. F. Covey
    [Studio address] "Wm. Knight, Buffalo, NY, 194 Main St."
    Charles W. Stevenson, July 1880
    Forestville, NY
    "Cousin Sophia M. Benit, 18 years, married to Charles Chamberlin, 1872"
    Mrs. James W. Stevenson
    Charles Walter Stevenson, July 1880
    Dr. James W. Stevenson
    May 19, 1876, Forestville, NY
    "Dresden, Germany"
    "Dresden, Germany"
    "Forestville, NY"
    "Elmira, NY"
    Ann Benjamin, Forestville, NY, May 19, 1876
    Sophia Barber, May 19, 1876, Forestville, NY


Wooden cane handle (with hound’s head); inscribed "From James S. Skedden to Col. Sam Sizer Decr
Straight razor
Christening dress of Walter E. Stevenson
Embroidered linens


Oversize Documents - Transferred to the Oversize Area
Hortense Stevenson Clyde, Ohio, grade school diploma, 1908
Hortense Stevenson Clyde, Ohio, High School diploma, 1912


Books - Transferred to the General Collection

Household Discoveries, An Encyclopedia of practical Recipes and Processes.
Dr. Chase’s Third Last and Complete Receipt Book and Household Physician

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