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Eugene A. Rawson, Post No. 32, Grand Army of the Republic and Woman's Relief Corps No. 129




Agency History

Scope and Content



The Eugene Rawson Post No. 32 GAR and WRC records were acquired in 1991 from a long-time member of the post's Woman's Relief Corps. There are additional scattered records from the Eugene Rawson Post, including information on the 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, in the Sandusky County, Ohio Military History Collection (LH-220)

Agency History

The Grand Army of the Republic, a Civil War Veterans' organization, was formed April 1, 1866 at Springfield, Illinois. Its goals were "to promote fraternal feelings among veterans, aid needy or disabled comrades, support widows and children, facilitate service benefits and encourage public allegiance to the government." The society also had definite political goals, seeking a mutually advantageous association with the party that had administered the war effort. Chapters formed in every state. Their political power was demonstrated by the crucial role played by the organization during U.S. Grant's bid for the U.S. Presidency. Eventually, the organization secured the passage of a liberal pension bill for its veterans and established homes for veterans' orphans. The Eugene A. Rawson Post, No. 32 was chartered April 11, 1881 in Fremont, Ohio. The Post was named in memory of Major Eugene Allen Rawson of the 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry who was mortally wounded at Oldtown Creek, Tupelo, Mississippi, while leading a charge against Rebel lines. The charter members and first officers were: A. F. Price, P. F. Heffner, John Schoedler, J. Dickinson, G. E. Smith, Dr. John B. Rice, Dr. George A. Gessner, J. R. Rollins, B. F. Evans, L. Q. Fletcher, and H. Hunsinger.

The purpose of the National Woman's Relief Corps' was to "aid and assist the Grand Army of the Republic in perpetuating its heroic dead, extending care to members' widows and children, and maintaining true allegiance to the U.S. through patriotic education." Organized in April of 1884, the organization was actually chartered as Corps No. 129 on September 24, 1890. Its first president was Mrs. Lucy Webb Hayes. The organization continued through 1974.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of a fairly complete set of records of the Rawson Grand Army of the Republic and its affiliated Woman's Relief Corps, No. 129 from 1881 to 1974. The ledgers contain minutes of meetings, sketches of deceased veterans, summaries of annual activities, resolutions of respect, treasurers' reports, membership rolls, and newsclippings about organizational activities. Also included, are records of burials of veterans of Sandusky County, Ohio and booklets and pamphlets regarding the Woman's Relief Corps national organization.


Ac. 5207

6 linear ft.


Box 1 - GAR Ledgers

1. Record Book 1881-1886

a. Short sketch of the 72nd OVI
b. Synopsis of annual events
c. Biographical sketches of deceased veterans

2. Minutes Book 1887-1927

a. 1887-1894 Obits, resolutions, Decoration Day
b. 1894-1901 Ceremonies, Meeting minutes
c. 1901-1913 Resolutions of deceased veterans
d. 1914-1927 Members

3. Membership Dues Record 1914-1915
4. Soldiers' Burial Record Book

5. G.A.R. Muster Roll

a. 1881-1914
b. 1917-1928

6. Loose Papers

a. Articles and obituaries (Photocopies and originals) removed from 1887-1894 Minute Books

b. Articles and obituaries (Photocopies and originals) removed from 1901-1913 Minute Books

1. Announcements
2. Drafts of meeting minutes
3. Obituary of Capt. E. B. Belding

c. Articles and obituaries removed from 1914-1927 Minute Books

1. Membership dues receipts
2. General Order No. 3 (1/6/1922)
3. Resolution of respect for deceased members (43)
4. Papers of Marion J. Hawk
5. Memoriam to John E. Schafer
6.Cemetery Flag Distribution

7. Illinois Charter Facsimile

a. Items from Membership Dues Record 1914-1915

1. Receipts
2. General Orders
3. Expense accounts

Box 2 - WRC Ledgers

1. Treasurer's Book:


2. Membership Dues


Box 3 - WRC Ledgers

1. Meeting Minutes


2. Past Presidents Meeting Minutes


3. Bible

Box 4 - WRC Books and Pamphlets

1. WRC National Convention Journals 19161921
2. WRC "Red Book" (Rules and Regulations) 1914,1947
3. "Ritual of the National Woman's Relief Corps" 1946, 1957
4. Burial Service of the Woman's Relief Corps 1909, 1916, 1937, 1948, 1957, 1961 (booklet)
5. Pledge of Allegiance (cards x 2)
6. The American's Creed (pamphlet x 2)
7. History, Origin and Author of the Pledge of Allegiance" 1940, 1957, 1961 (booklet)
8. Services of the Woman's Relief Corps 1909, 1916, 1937, 1948, 1953, 1955
9. Constitution Revised Rules and Regulations fot eh Government of the Woman's Relief Corps 1948,
    1953, 1967, 1973
10. Activities and Services of National Woman's Relief Corps 1953, 1962 (pamphlet)
11. History of the Stars and Stripes: GAR Memorial Day 1926
12. Selections for Memorial Day, Flag Day and Patriotic Anniversaries 1907
13. How to Respect and Display Our Flag, 1965 (booklet)
14. Memorial Service (cards x 2)
15. Golden Thoughts in Rippling Rhyme 1922 (booklet)
16. In the Spirit of Our Times 1976 (booklet)
17. Folder (miscellaneous)


WRC of the Rawson Post #32 GAR Charter 9/1890


WRC - Fremont 7/11/1922

GAR - at Soldiers' Monument at Birchard Library ca. 1855-1898 GAR - Rawson GAR Post National Encampment

Artifacts: Transferred to the Museum

Picture frames

WRC badges, gavel, trunk

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