Correspondence of Erskine Fullerton, 1909


[Erskine to Emily]

Columbus Ohio
June 30th 1909

My Dear Emily,
    Your kind letter of long ago was not answered because you were not yet in Bermuda & then the time slipped by. I heartily congratulate you on all the engagements & hope that they will all have as happy married lives as you & I had, Emily dear. As I grow older I do not grow more in love with democracies and so am rather glad that the girls are marrying back into the Mother Country. There are plenty of fatherlands but only one motherland that I recall. It is too early to ask your plans. I suppose you will get used to the changes as I have done. I still have Rutherford with me and all the rest residing in Columbus within daily reach. Not now though Dorothy being in Castile near Buffalo N.Y. Fanny in Dublin (14 miles off) & Dawn/Donna? & her children are still in the city. I think that all my children are as happy as this life can make them.
    A week from today I start to go on a great part of our old Santa Fe trip including the Grand Canon [sic] which my companion (D. Coleman) has not seen. Afterwards we go to Los Angeles & by way of the Pacific Coast to the Seattle Exposition with numerous stops enroute & back by the Canadian Pacific railroad.. Well be gone about four or five weeks which is about my limit. Everybody here seems to be well now. Rud Platt is at last through with his carbuncles and no surgery in Laura Ms family for a month or two. She is enjoying Johns visit greatly . A fine fellow, John, & doing well at his chosen work - which is play.
    Give my love & congratulations to Lucy & Fanny.

                                                            Your brother

Original in Rutherford Hayes Platt Collection

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