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March 2012


ca. 1902

Louis Kline Reunion

Louis Kline was born in Baden, Germany October 13, 1820. He came to the United States with his parents when he was fifteen years old. The family settled near Fremont in Sandusky County, Ohio . When the War with Mexico broke out, he and his brother Andrew enlisted. He returned from Mexico and married Susannah Powlen. They were the parents of 13 children: 11 daughters and 2 sons. All grew to adulthood.

In 1865, Louis and Susannah purchased a farm near Milan, Michigan . After the death of Susannah in 1884, Louis Kline moved to Erie, Michigan and later lived with his children in Detroit, Whittaker, Dundee, Michigan and in Fremont, Ohio . Around 1908, Kline moved to a home on First Street in Milan, Michigan . He passed away there January 21, 1915 at the age of 94 years.

At the time of Louis Kline’s death, the following children survived him. Margaret Kring, Los Angeles, California; Mary Kloos and Hettie Heiser, Dundee, Michigan; Will Kline and Sue Hammond, Whittaker, Michigan; Sophia Elliott and Emma Minzie, Milan, Michigan; Sarah Godfrey, Erie, Michigan; Christine Stull, Fremont, Ohio; and Mrs. Everett Patterson, Wellman, Iowa. Two daughters and one son preceded him in death.

The photograph is identified as having been taken at a “Kline Reunion,” which took place in approximately 1902. The location is unknown. Louis Kline (white beard) is seated in the front row center. At his left, is his surviving son Will Kline and daughter Margaret Kring. Seated to his right is daughter Mary Kloos. Standing from left to right are Hettie Heiser, Sophia Elliott, Sarah Godfrey, Kate Spots, Emma Minzie, Christine Stull, and Sue Hammond.

According to notations on the photograph, his second son, Louis Kline, was “killed” and daughter “Anne” had died. Daughter “Lide” is not pictured. The second photograph appears to have been taken at the same time and location. However, it includes no identification.


Kline Reunion