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General William Tecumseh Stherman Before Atlanta

This November 7th, 1888 letter, apparently written by General William Tecumseh Sherman's aide and then annotated and signed by Sherman himself, is from the Hayes Presidential Center's William Tecumseh Sherman Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection. The letter is Sherman's reply to an inquiry from prominent portait painter E. F. Andrews regarding Sherman's favorite horse during the Civil War. Andrews also apparently asked Sherman if he, General Ulysses S. Grant, and General Philip Sheridan had ever ridden together during the Civil War. Sherman responded by stating that he, Grant, and Sheridan were in the Battle of Missionary Ridge "but separated by miles."

Letter from William Tecumseh Sherman to E. F. Adnrews

Letter from William Tecumseh Sherman to E. F. Andrews

No. 75 W. 71 St.

New York Nov. 7, 1888.

E. F. Andrews Esq

Washinton D.C.

My dear Sir:

In reply to yours of the 6th Inst, I take pleasure in saying that my favorite horse during the war was the one I rode at Atlanta, and whose name was "Duke." he was a bright bay, had a white star on forehead, and one white foot (left hind foot). I have a good portrait of him by Trotter of Philadelphia now hanging in my office. We changed horses so often that it is impossible to say more. Grant had several one of which was "Cincinatus," a horse well remembered by many, & was a great favorite.

I cannot recall an instance when Generals Grant, Sherman and Sheridan were together on horseback. during the war. x

With respect

Your very truly

W. T. Sherman


x We were all in the Battle of Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga. Nov 1863 - but seperated by miles -

[Italicized words are in the handwriting of General W. T. Sherman.]