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APRIL 2006


William Holton GAR Application

Among the recently acquired records of the Eugene Rawson Post of the Grand Army of the Republic are memberbship application papers of Civil War veterans. The document featured is the application of WILLIAM HOLTON, an African American Civil War veteran who served as a corporal in the 28th United States Colored Troops. Holton stated that he was born in Jefferson County, Indiana, information not found anywhere else. A farmer who lived in Vickery, Ohio, Holton was the father of five children. He is buried in the Parkhurst Cemetery. Holton was one of five African American Civil War veterans who applied for and became members of the Eugene Rawson Post of the GAR.

Perhaps most notable of the African American Civil War veterans of the Eugene Rawson Post was ROBERT KEYS, who served with the 15th USCT. Keys served as the post's colorbearer, carrying the Stars and Stripes on Memorial Day and during members' funeral services. During the post's celebration of the Battle of Nashville in December 1891, Keys' speech was considered by President Rutherford B. Hayes (also a member of the post) as the "best comrade talk."

You can read about other Sandusky County, Ohio African American Civil War soldiers on the Civil War Research Page