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News from the Manuscripts Division


Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

Spiegel Grove

Fremont, Ohio 43420

Nan Card

Curator of Manuscripts




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Lucy Scott West 1878 Autograph Album and White House Photograph

Lucy Scott West 1878The Hayes Presidential Center is also grateful to Dorothy Tyree Alves of Lake Forest, Illinois, who, with her husband, visited the Hayes Center for the first time last fall. Ms. Alves donated an autograph album containing the signatures of the Hayeses, Hayes Cabinet members, and an 1878 photograph of the White House. The items belonged to her ancestor, Lucy Scott West, a cousin of Lucy Webb Hayes, who stayed at the Hayes White House in 1878.

The items will complement Lucy’s detailed record of her White House visit, donated by Dorothy’s father, the late Lewis Tyree, Jr. The record provides a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the Hayes White House. A digital transcription is available online

Eleutheros Cooke Letters, 1863, 1864

Mr. James H. Harding of New York City, a descendant of Jay Cooke, “Financier of the Civil War,” visited the Hayes Presidential Center recently. During his visit, Mr. Harding donated 21 letters written during the Civil War by Eleutheros Cooke, Sandusky, Ohio’s first lawyer. The letters to his son Jay Cooke provide insights into life on the Ohio home front during the Civil War. He openly expresses his fears for the Union cause, the nation's future, and the outcome of battles. Transcriptions of Eleutheros Cooke's letters were provided by Mr. Harding and are available online.

Mr. Harding’s donation is a significant addition to the Hayes Center's Eleutheros Cooke Collection and to the Jay Cooke Collection donated previously by Mr. Harding. "The Gibraltar Record," the core of the Jay Cooke Collection, is the three-volume set of photographs and writings of Jay Cooke's son, the Reverend Henry Cooke, who chronicled the family's activities at Lake Erie’s Gibraltar Island. Many of the photographs from the Gibraltar Record now appear on the Hayes Center's web site under the title LAKE ERIE'S YESTERDAYS.


Veterans Research Files of Ottawa County, Ohio (LH-329)

Volunteer Dorothy Wagner and staff member Verna Young recently processed a collection of more than 2,000 files created by the Ottawa County Genealogical Society in the organization’s efforts to document the county’s veterans before 1900. Norma Eaton of Findlay, Ohio, donated the files. While not all of the individuals proved to be veterans, the data gathered by the committee provide valuable information on 19th century residents of Ottawa County, Ohio.

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (Misc. Mss)

This small collection of 21 items consists of letters written to the Civil War general in the post-war years. (President Hayes’ Papers contains letters written by Chamberlain to Hayes.)

Sandusky County, Ohio, Auditor’s Tax Records (LG-5)

The records include 143 bound volumes of Sandusky County, Ohio, tax assessments and reassessments spanning the years from 1880 to 1924. Records include names of landowners, location of land location, acreage or lot size, and structures located on individual lots or parcels in municipalities. These records can be helpful when researching the history of homes in Sandusky County’s towns and villages during this period.


Just out are several new works whose authors used the Hayes Presidential Center Manuscript Collections in their research:

Ninety-first Ohio Volunteer Infantry: with the Civil War Letters of Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Franklin Coates and an Annotated Roster of the Men of Company C. by Lois J. Lambert

William Babcock Hazen: The Best Hated Manby Edward S. Cooper

King of Louisiana, 1862 - 1865 and Other Government Work: A Biography of Major General Nathaniel Prentice Banks by Raymond H. Banks

Lt. Charles Gatewood and His Apache Memoir by Louis Kraft


Nan Card
Curator of Manuscripts
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Spiegel Grove
Fremont, Ohio 43420