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Richard Willer (U. S. Marine Corps, WWII) Interview 2013
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News from the Hayes Presidential Center Manuscripts Division

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Spiegel Grove
Fremont, Ohio 43416
Nan Card, Curator of Manuscripts
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Hayes Center Welcomes New Executive Director!

Christie M. Weininger The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Board of Trustees selected Christie M. Weininger as the institution’s new Executive Director. Weininger is the seventh person to serve in the position and the first female. She replaces Thomas J. Culbertson who retired in August. A native of Wyandot County, Ohio, Weininger most recently served as director of the Wood County Historical Center and Museum in Bowling Green. Her nine-year tenure there was marked by a growth in local and statewide partnerships as well as outreach and programming.

Army of Ohio Funds Preservation of 23rd Ohio Battle Flag

23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry Flag

Congratulations to the Army of the Ohio! The organization has raised the funds needed for the conservation of the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry (OVI) Civil War battle flag. Both Presidents Hayes and McKinley served in this regiment. The group adopted the 23d OVI flag in January 2011 and has since raised $14,755 of the estimated $29,000 needed for the conservation of the nearly 150-year-old silk regimental flag. The remaining funds came from a grant from the Army Historical Foundation, an anonymous donation to the Ohio Historical Society, and from the general flag fund of the society that operates the Save the Flags Campaign.

New Exhibit Features Travels of the Hayes Family

Martha Baker Hayes, Webb, Arthur, Scott

Tales of Travel from the President’s Attic
takes a look at travel when it was a luxury few people could afford. Visitors can see what early tourists – like Rutherford and Lucy Hayes – saw when they visited Yosemite Valley in the late 1800s or the barely-explored lands of Alaska three decades before it became a state. A focal point of Tales of Travel from the President’s Attic is dozens of travel trunks left by the Hayes family in the attic of President Hayes’ home. The photo above is of Martha Baker Hayes, wife of Admiral Webb C. Hayes II, and their sons Webb, Arthur, and Scott. The photo was taken in 1927 during the admiral's tour of European ports while commander of the USS Tracy.

Roslyn Hashiguchi Adds Collections to Website

Roslyn Hashiguchi

The Hayes Center Manuscripts Division is deeply appreciative of the efforts of Norwalk High School Librarian Roslyn Hashiguchi. This summer she helped place more of the Center's manuscript and photographic materials on the website. She digitized more than 60 of President Hayes' speeches; 300 titles and publishers from the popular Rice Catalog Collection; and added images from 1981 issues of the News Messenger.

Origiual Bob Hines Artwork Donated

Bob Hines Artwork

Thanks to Marie Hodges of Littleton, Colorado, the Hayes Presidential Center now has original pieces of the late Bob Hines' artwork. Hines spent much of his youth in Fremont, Ohio, where he fished, camped, and hunted along the Sandusky River. It was in Sandusky County that he developed his love of nature. In 1939, Hines became the staff artist of the Ohio Division of Conservation. His artwork helped educate Ohioans about their environment, over hunting, and pollution. In 1948, Hines moved to Washington, D. C. where he worked with Rachel Carson as an artist/illustrator for the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.




Sandra Zenser

Susan L. Meyn, Ph.D

Dan and Katrina James

Anonymous Donor

We are grateful to these special individuals, who, through their thoughtfulness and generosity, have helped the Hayes Presidential Center continue its tradition of research excellence during these difficult economic times!

You can donate safely and conveniently online by following this link to Donations to the Hayes Presidential Center Manuscripts Fund - or you can send your donation to the Hayes Presidential Center Manuscripts Fund, Attn: Nan Card, Curator of Manuscripts, Hayes Presidential Center, Spiegel Grove, Fremont, Ohio 43420




one drop in a sea of blue: liberators of the ninth minnesotag

One Drop in a Sea of Blue: The Liberators of the Ninth Minnesota, by John Lundstrom

“Welcome to Hard Times: Two French Merchants and Militiamen in the Detroit River Region During the War of 1812,” by Patrick M. Tucker and Laurel E . Heyman, in Michigan Historical Review

Battle of Brice's Crossroads by Stewart Bennett

Devil's Causeway: The True Story of America's First Prisoners of War in a Foreign Land, and the Heroic Expedition Sent to Their Rescue by Matthew Westfall

Where History Lives, Historic Homes and Architecture by Larry and Krista Michaels

The 100 Most Significant Events in American Business: An Encyclopedia, by Quentin Skrabec, Jr.

“Fighting For South Mountain” by Brian Matthew Jordan in Civil War Monitor

"Jay Cooke: The Man Who Financed the War," by H. John Hildebrandt, in North and South

Divinely Guided: The California Work of the Women's National Indian Association, by Valerie Sherer Mathes

Nan Card
Curator of Manuscripts
Hayes Presidential Center
Spiegel Grove
Fremont, Ohio 43420
1/800-998-7737 x 239
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