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News from the Hayes Presidential Center Manuscripts Division

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Spiegel Grove
Fremont, Ohio 43416
Nan Card, Curator of Manuscripts
1/800-998-7737 x39

May 2010


An avid genealogist, the late Joyce Tuckerman Zeigler of Port Clinton, Ohio, spent many days at the Hayes Center, using the institution's resources to research her roots. A native of Toledo, Joyce researched her family's history for more than 30 years. When Joyce passed away, her husband Jack and their children knew that Joyce's research could benefit other genealogists. Seeking a way to preserve and share her work, the Zeiglers contacted Nan Card at the Hayes Center. Early in 2010, they donated more than 10 feet of Joyce's genealogy materials.

A superb researcher and highly organized, Joyce documented her family lines in some 40 notebooks. Each is filled with original photographs; deeds; wills; birth, marriage, death, cemetery. and military records; obituaries; newspaper articles; and charts. Some of the surnames are: Barber, Beatty, Bradshaw, Brown, Burnham, Connor, Cronk, Enyart, Helzel, Hockenberger, LaPointe, Munson, Pfaff, Smead, Stebbins, Stull, Tuckerman, Wilcox, and Zeigler.

Joyce's family and friends then went a step further. They donated more than $1,000 to the Hayes Center Manuscripts Fund in her memory! You can see the names of these generous and thoughtful individuals listed below.


Kristen Benedict chose to perform her required 130-hour practicum in Archival Management at the Hayes Presidential Center. A master's candidate in the School of Library Science and Information at Kent State University, Kristen spent every day during the month of March learning to research, process, preserve, and describe recently donated manuscript collections. Kristen has been responsible for processing the Joyce Zeigler Genealogy Collection. When completed, Joyce's research will be added to the Local History Collection and described on the Hayes Center's website. In addition to her work on collections, Kristen scanned, documented, and uploaded more photos from the Fremont News-Messenger Photograph Collection to the Ohiolink Digital Resource Commons. More than 1,000 photos from the 70s and 80s now appear online.


In late April Ken Kellett and Kermit Weeks, owner of Florida's Fantasy of Flight, visited the Hayes Center to research the hundreds of engine drawings Ken Kellett and Hermit Weeks Researching the Roberts Engine Drawings at the Hayes Presidential Centerproduced in 1912 by the late engineer E. W. Roberts of Sandusky. Roberts produced engines for many of the early aviators who were building airplanes at Sandusky before 1915. Among them was Tom Benoist , whose flying boat made the first ever scheduled commerical aviation flight in 1914 at St. Petersburg, Florida. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the historic event, Weeks and his team are constructing an exact replica of the flying boat including the 6-cylinder, 2-cycle 75 hp. Roberts engine. The drawings are preserved at the Center as part of the Charles E. Frohman Collection . For those who live near Lake Erie, you might like to know that among the vintage aircraft owned by Mr. Weeks is the very first Ford Tri-Motor purchased by Island Airways. Many of us (including myself!) have fond memories of flying to the Erie Islands on the much loved Tin Goose.


An anonymous foundation has honored the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center with a $5,000 pledge to the Center’s Gateway to the Future appeal. This new challenge gift is to benefit children. The anonymous foundation has asked that its pledge be used “primarily to promote/encourage school bus tours or other educational efforts directly relating to children.” Matching dollars raised by the Hayes Presidential Center can be used as the Center sees fit. You can help the Center meet this new challenge by making a contribution toward the match. Donations of any amount are appreciated.

The generosity of Gateway to the Future challenge-gift donors is crucial to the future of the Hayes Presidential Center, which is struggling to overcome a 45% cut in its state funding. In the past, contributions from the State of Ohio made up a full third of the Hayes Presidential Center’s annual budget. State funding now represents a mere 19 percent of the budget and is expected to drop further next year. The remaining 81% of the budget comes from the Master Trust and revenue from admissions, memberships, fundraising and Museum Store sales. The Hayes Presidential Center receives no federal funding.

If you would like more information about Gateway to the Future or how to make a contribution that will be matched by a challenge-gift donor, please contact Development Director Kathy Boukissen at 419-332-2081, ext. 26 or Information and an online donation form also are available by following the Gateway to the Future link.


e. w. stoughton

Edwin W. Stoughton Correspondence (1818-1882) E. W. Stoughton was a brilliant patent attorney and friend of William Evarts, who served as President Hayes' Secretary of State. Although a War Democrat, Stoughton publicly supported Ulysses S. Grant when he sent federal troops to Louisiana. Stoughton was later asked to take part in a bipartisan commission to investigate and report on the Hayes-Tilden election in Louisiana. Hayes later appointed Stoughton minister to Russia. Although his service was cut short by illness, Stoughton recorded in a small diary events surrounding Ulysses S. Grant's visit to Russia during the 18th president's world tour.

William C. Flocken

William C. Flocken Memoir (1878-1929)
At the turn of the 20th century, Americans were deeply interested in knowing more about the world around them. William Flocken of Terra Haute, Indiana, was one of them. At the age of 20, he enlisted in the 13th U. S. Infantry, serving in the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars. Flocken documented his travels from America to Hawaii, Japan, and the Philippines in a 70-page handwritten memoir. As much a travel guide as a memoir, Flocken supplemented his text with nearly 120 unique photographs that he and his comrades took as they traveled the world in 1904 and 1905.



We are grateful to the these special individuals, who, through their thoughtfulness and generosiity, have helped the Hayes Presidential Center continue its tradition of research excellence during these difficult economic times!

In Memory of Joyce Tuckerman Zeigler
Jack and Carolyn Zeigler
Stuart M. Pekarsky
Lawrence J. and Janice E. Holland
Francis D. and Madelyn C. Gardner
Pamela A. Russell
Thomas J. and Helen Hileman
Robert M. and Ardith O. Masters
Elwood A. and Martha R. Nieman
Robert E. and Lorene I. Zumbrunn
Rebecca L. Stooksbury
Sarah K. Stringer
Thomas J. and Joyce A. Breidenbach
Charles H. Bechtel
Greg and Jan Russell
Eric and Kim Binns
Mike Zeigler
Dale and Kathleen Zeigler
Vicky S. Glaze

Leanna Shaberly

Pat Dwyer

Glen and Bondetta Cutcher

Dr. David and Mary Hockenbery
In Memory of Pastor Bill and Helen Slates

You can donate safely and conveniently online by following this link to Donations to the Hayes Presidential Center Manuscripts Fund - or you can send your donation to the Hayes Presidential Center Manuscripts Fund, Attn: Nan Card, Curator of Manuscripts, Hayes Presidential Center, Spiegel Grove, Fremont, Ohio 43420

The Manuscripts Collections at the Hayes Presidential Center are available to all researchers who wish to discover, learn, and share new information about our historic past. As a donor, you name appears on our web site and in the Hayes Presidential Center Annual Report.




the restless city

The Restless City Reader: A Short History of New York from Colonial Times to the Present, 2nd ed., edited by Joanne Reitano

Christianity in China: A Scholars' Guide to Resources in the Libraries and Archives of the United States
, edited by Xiaoxin Wu

Defying the Odds: The Tule River Tribe's Struggle for Sovereignty in Three Centuries,
by Gelya Frank and Carole Goldberg

Librarianship in Gilded Age America: An Anthology of Writings, 1868-1901, by Leonard Schlup

Sandusky Area Maritime Curriculum Guide, by The Maritime Museum of Sandusky

"The Anonymous Novelist: John Hay and The Bread Winners," by John Vacha in

The Encyclopedia of the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars,
by Spencer C. Tucker

"Maumee Medium: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in Toledo," by Donal H. Huber in Timeline

The Presidential Fact Book: Revised and Updated! The Achievements, Campaigns, Events, Triumphs, Tragedies, and Legacies of Every President from George Washington to Barack Obama,
by Roger Matuz

Charlie Russell and Friends, by The Denver Art Museum


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Nan Card
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Hayes Presidential Center
Spiegel Grove
Fremont, Ohio 43420
1/800-998-7737 x 39
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