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New Books available at the Hayes Presidential Center

The People Of Ottawa County: Memories & Adventures Vol. VI 
Author: Ottawa County Historical Society 
  Call Number: F497 O8P4 2003 vol.6 ORR 
  Donated by: Ottawa County Historical Society 
  Subject: Local History 
The Descendants Of Petr Twiss Of Salem, Massachusetts 
Author: Jonathan P. Twiss and Patricia Stott 
  Call Number: CS71 T93 2014 ORR 
  Donated by: Patricia Stott 
  Subject: Genealogy 
Power - From Horses to Atoms: The Story Of The Toledo Edison Company 
Author: John K. Davis 
  Call Number: HD9685 U7T64 
  Donated by: David Doughty 
  Subject: Local History 
Louis Cress & Ella Mae Fuller Families 
Author: Barb Carr 
  Call Number: CS71 C922K3 2014 ORR 
  Donated by: Barbara Karr 
  Subject: Genealogy 
Some Ancestors and Descendants Of Avery Leonard Of Seneca County, Ohio  
Author: Harry S. Blaine 
  Call Number: CS71 L53 1994 vol.1 (vol.2) ORR 
  Donated by: Ohio Genealogical Society 
  Subject: Genealogy 
An Introductory History Of The York Co. Pa And Seneca Co. Ohio Deckers 
Author: David F. Sprunk 
  Call Number: CS71 D35S77 2014 ORR 
  Donated by: David F. Sprunk 
  Subject: Genealogy 
Henry Hughes And The Modern Construction Company 
Author: James G. Weaver, Jr. 
  Call Number: F499 F9H46 2014 ORR 
  Donated by: James G. Weaver, Jr. 
  Subject: Local History 
St. Mark Lutheran Church Fremont, Ohio The First 100 Years 1914 - 2014 
Author: Verna Carlo 
  Call Number: F499 F9S25 2014 ORR 
  Donated by: Verna Carlo 
  Subject: Local History 
Norwal Public Schools 1893 - 1894 
  Call Number: F499 N79N8 1894 ORR 
  Donated by: Henry Timmons 
  Subject: Local History 
Triennial Report Of The Norwalk Public Schools 
  Call Number: F499 N79N89 ORR 
  Donated by: Henry Timmons 
  Subject: Local History 
From Pendleton Hall To Fremont: The Ancestors And Descendants Of Julia A. Beckwith 
Author: David F. Sprunk 
  Call Number: CS71 B4S77 2011 ORR 
  Donated by: David F. Sprunk 
  Subject: Genealogy 
The Story Of William and Nettie Semer: Their Ancestors and Descendants 
Author: Kurt A. Bramel 
  Call Number: CS71 S4B73 2013 ORR 
  Donated by: Kurt A. Bramel 
  Subject: Genealogy 
Van Bergen Genealogy 
Author: Nell S. Ames 
  Call Number: CS71 V21 1920 ORR 
  Donated by: James Galli 
  Subject: Genealogy 
Larry B. Brough's Fifty two Year Family Collection 
Author: Larry B. Brough 
  Call Number: CS71 B865 209 ORR 
  Donated by: Larry B. Brough 
  Subject: Genealogy 
The Foos Family In America 
Author: Eleanor (Frederick) Kiser 
  Call Number: CS71 F67 ORR 
  Donated by: Ronald Phillips 
  Subject: Genealogy 
The Michaels Family Tree 
Author: Larry R. Michaels 
  Call Number: CS71 M587 ORR 
  Donated by: Larry R. Michaels 
  Subject: Genealogy 
Cemeteries Of Berne Township Fairfield County, Ohio 
Author: The Fairfield County Chapter Of The Ohio Genealogical Society 
  Call Number: F497 F15F3 2014 ORR 
  Subject: Genealogy 
The Ohio State Reformatory: An Overview 
Author: Joe James 
  Call Number: F497 R5O36 ORR 
  Donated by: Sandra Zenser 
  Subject: Local History 
From Pendleton Hall To Fremont: The Ancestors And Descendants Of Julia A. Beckwith 
Author: David F. Sprunk 
  Call Number: CS71 B42S77 2011 ORR 
  Donated by: David A. Sprunk 
  Subject: Genealogy 
Trumbull County Ohio Death Records 1867 - 1908 And Other Miscellaneous Death Records 
Author: Barbara Houser Layfield and Roberta Graves Hyde 
  Call Number: F497 T8T79 2004 ORR 
  Subject: Genealogy 
Ohio Was Their Home 
Author: Mary Eileen Schuler Levison 
  Call Number: E78 O3L48 2008 ORR 
  Subject: Native Americans 
The European Origins Of The Bollinger Family Of Seneca County, Ohio 
Author: Duane Stucky 
  Call Number: CS71 B65S85 2013 ORR 
  Donated by: Duane Stucky 
  Subject: Genealogy 
Fremont Panorama: History Through A Wide-Angle Lens 
Author: Krista Michaels and Larry Michaels 
  Call Number: F499 F9M55 2014 ORR 
  Donated by: Krista Michaels and Larry Michaels 
  Subject: Local History 
Marriage License Bonds of Northhampton County, Virginia 1706-1854 
Author: Stratton Nottingham, indexer 
  Call Number: F232 N85N9 1974 ORR 
  Subject: Genealogy 
Marriages Northampton County, Virginia 1660/1-1854 
Author: Jean M. Mihalyka, compiler/abstractor 
  Call Number: F232 N85M54 1991 ORR 
  Subject: Genealogy 
History of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati 
Author: M. Edmund Hussey 
  Call Number: BX1417 C5H87 2000 ORR 
  Subject: Local history