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Genealogy News from the Hayes Presidential Center

This newsletter courtesy of
The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

Genealogy News from the Hayes Presidential Center

An e-mail update to new genealogical resources and services

We are sending this newsletter again due to some problems with formatting with the last mailing for some people. We hope this issue comes through clearly. If not, email and we will try to correct. Thanks

Becky Hill

Upcoming classes:

January 14, 2006 – Beginning Genealogy - 9:30- 11:30
March 25, 2006 – Genealogy and the Internet - 9:30 – 11:30
April 11, 2006 - Beginning Genealogy – 1:30 – 3:30

Call 419-332-2081 to register; Free

Happy Holidays

Christmas is coming and the Hayes Library Staff would like to wish you and yours a great holiday. May you break through all of your genealogical brick walls in the upcoming year!

Still stumped for the perfect gift? Why not give someone a Hayes Presidential Center membership at the $45 level and they can enjoy all the benefits of the membership along with added bonus of accessing Heritage Quest at home. What better way to show someone you love them than to give them the opportunity to research ancestors on the US Census and in 25,000 genealogy and local history books in the wee hours of the night?!!
Better yet, give the gift to yourself – you deserve it too!

To subscribe online, go to or call 800-998-7737 to join using your credit card number.

If you already have the membership, perhaps you would like to make a donation in honor of or in memory of someone special. Our Friends of the Obits has a page of such donations and is available for everyone to browse
and as an added bonus, it is indexed by Google, so if you or your friends search for your name in Google, it will find you on this list. (Try going to and type in “Irene E. Byrne” as an example, with quote marks).

New features on the Obits Index web site

I see that the new features are being used on the Obits site. We have over 70 post-em notes that have been added the last 6 weeks or so. For an example on how helpful this can be, try looking up Garrett Emch (d. 1898), who is only listed in the Obits Index with a Probate case citation. A relative added a post-em note with valuable new information (click on View Post-em), which will help future researchers when they look at that name.

I have heard from some researchers that they enjoy the Notebook feature, especially as they plan to do their look-ups at a library. It will help you organize the newspaper citations that you want to look up. The notebook is for you alone and you need to set up an account with your email and password, but it is free.

See the following link for further information on the two new tools to help you utilize the Obituary Index more effectively.

Welcome to our two new library partners who have come on board recently – the J.R. Clark Public Library of Covington, Miami County, Ohio and the Highland County Public Library, who will start entering data in January 2006. We now have one-fourth of the counties in the state represented by at least one library – a total of 34 libraries!

The Obituary Index can be found by going to, clicking on Obituaries, then Search Obituaries or go directly to

New Books

Do you have Mayflower ancestors? Five new books on Mayflower Families have been added to the Hayes Library. Four were donated by The Toledo Colony of the Mayflower Society, Judy Rand and Jan Hutchison in memory of Ina Hutchison. One was donated by Roberta Cook in memory of Arlene Dunkelberger. Thanks go to Merv Hall of the Library staff for keeping the New Book list up-to-dates:

Keep checking this web site for our new holdings.

The Kin Hunters are still taking orders for the “ Sandusky County Index to Marriage Records, 1820-1894 ”, but they have donated a copy to the Hayes Library, which is available for your perusal. Go to their web site for further information on how to buy a copy

Marlo Keller, long-time Library Assistant, has roots in Maine and has been helping build up our New England collections by purchasing Maine Cemetery Inscriptions on CD. We now have the following counties represented: Cumberland, Piscataquis, Sagadahoc, and Kennebec. Ask the library staff for assistance in using these disks. Thanks, Marlo.

Gibsonburg Derrick

For those of you who do not have local roots, you may wonder what this term means. The Derrick was the Gibsonburg newspaper for many years. The Hayes Library’s collection of microfilm for this western Sandusky County town was incomplete, but Donna Kirsch and Ann Cain have decided it was time to expand the collection. We need $700 to buy all the rolls of film that are available, but over half has been raised so far. Thanks go to Donna, Ann, Bill Miller, Daryl Gerwin, and Barbara Payne for their contributions. We have ordered half of the newspapers we need (1926-1959) and hope to get the remainder soon. If interested in making a donation, call or write Becky Hill, 800-998-7737.

Interesting web sites - free access to a database of information on 10 million immigrants from 1830 to 1892 (prior to Ellis Island) - a web site with an interactive map that shows the top cities for major ethnic groups in the US. It is based information gathered from the 2000 census form. Interesting to find where the Finns, Croatians, and Brazilians live! a great web database of advertisements for Irish immigrants published in the Boston Pilot from 1831 to 1921

Hayes Presidential Center Web Site

Another new feature on our web site is Hayes Education Portal where students, teachers or other interested people can find educational material on President Hayes and his time period. Check out

One of the many new features that you might be interested in is the downloadable coloring book or the five issues of “Past Times” – kid’s newspapers for several of our more recent exhibits. This is a fun site to visit before or after a trip to the Center with your kids or grandchildren.

Hayes Manuscript Collections

If you like to keep up with the new manuscript collections, you can subscribe for free online to Nan Card’s News From the Manuscript Division by going to this form on our web site –

You can also sign up for other free email newsletters when you are at that site, such as the Paper Trail, also by Nan Card and the Statesman, which is the Hayes Presidential Center’s quarterly newsletter.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Here’s a little Christmas poem with a genealogical slant.

All I Want For Christmas Is A New Surname

Dear Santa: Don't bring me new dishes,
I don't need a new kind of game.
Genealogists have peculiar wishes
For Christmas I just want a surname.

A new washing machine would be great,
But it's not the desire of my life.
I've just found an ancestor's birth date;
What I need now is the name of his wife.

My heart doesn't yearn for a ring
That would put a real diamond to shame.
What I want is a much cheaper thing;
Please give me Mary's last name.

To see my heart singing with joy,
Don't bring me a read leather suitcase,
Bring me a genealogist's toy;
a surname with dates and a place.

(author unknown, seen in Illinois State Gen Soc newsletter 1984)

Becky Hill and the Hayes Library Staff
Head Librarian
Hayes Presidential Library
Spiegel Grove
Fremont, OH 43420 419-332-2081