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Fremont , Ohio

An e-mail update to new genealogical resources and services

10 September 2004

Upcoming classes:

September 25, 2004 – Beginning Genealogy

October 16, 2004 – Computers and Genealogy

November 18, 2004 – Beginning Genealogy

Staff Changes:

There have been a few changes in the Library since our last update. We now have a new Librarian on staff – Patricia Breno. Pat will be replacing “some” of Barb Paff who left in January. She is working part-time in the Library, cataloging books and other materials. You will see her at Barb’s old desk on Monday and Wednesday mornings and all day Saturday. Feel free to stop in and say “Hi” to her – she is a genealogist, too, along with being a librarian, and is enjoying the historical surroundings at Hayes. She also works at Owens Community College in Toledo .

For those who visit the library, you will be seeing more of Merv Hall. He will still be working half time in the library doing the usual reference work and other jobs that go along with the library, but he will spend the other half of his week being the Project Director for a new Teaching American History grant, Expanding America. He will be sharing Barb Paff’s old office with Pat when he is wearing his Project Director hat.

You will also see a few more hours of Marie Paulson and Marlo Keller as schedules are readjusted. John Ransom and I will be keeping regular full-time Monday through Friday hours.

Obits on the Web

With all the partner libraries and volunteers, we now have about 100 people entering data into the online Obits Index. They can input from their libraries, e.g. Lima or Bellefontaine, or from home, as one of diligent volunteers, Gaylen Kline from Tiffin, does. The Obits web site is extremely popular and is receiving almost 1 million hits a month!

We are up to 393,000 records in the database – that’s a lot of ancestors! Keep checking the files – new names are going in daily. If you have only checked the index once be sure to keep checking back.

Probate Update

With the help of many volunteers, almost all of the Sandusky County wills and estates we received from the Probate Court last year are now indexed into the Obits Index. The new additions covered cases from 1895 to 1927 and are showing up in the Obits Index under “Other Sources” – Probate Case # xxxx.

Big thanks go to Donna Kirsch, Mary Ottney, Becky Cook, Susan Heishman, and Ruth Hill for all their hard work.

New Books

Title of Book

Call Number

Marion Co. OH Index 1900 Census. Gift of June Bashore

F497 M3I53 2001 ORR

The People of Ottawa Co., Volume II Gift of Ottawa County on Page and Stage

F497 O8P4 2004 ORR

Tombstone Inscriptions and More St. Mary''s Cemetery, Marion, Co.,

F497 M3B35 2003 ORR

Grand Prairie Cemetery, Marion Co., OH

F497 M3R34 ORR

Chapel Heights Memorial Gardens, Marion Co., OH

F497 M3C42 ORR

Tombstone Inscriptions Caledonia and Claridon Cem., Marion Co.

F497 M3T65 1985 ORR

The Van Wagoner Family. Gift of S. Calif. Genealogical Soc.

CS71 V286 1985 ORR

Unpuzzling Your Past

CS47 C76 2001 ORR

About Bucyrus. Gift of Ronald Stuckey

F499 B92A85 ORR

Marriage License Applications Wood Co., OH 1899-1927.

Gift of Neva Wilbert IN MEMORY OF Joan Eubanks

F497 W8W68 2004 ORR

OGS 2004 Annual Conf.; Settlers and Builders of Ohio

CS1 O373 2004 ORR

Defiance Co. OH Death Records 1884-1907 Volume I A-K

F497 D25D4 2004 v. 1 ORR

Defiance Co. OH Death Records 1884-1907 Volume II L-Z

F497 D25D4 2004 v. 2 ORR

Outline History of St. Peter''s and St. Paul ''s Churches Norwalk, OH

BX4603 N6R8 1899 ORR

Licking County Ohio * 1982

F497 L6L64 1982 ORR

The Catholic Cemeteries of Lawrence Co., OH

F497 L3L37 1990 ORR

The Unpuzzling Your Past Workbook

CS47 C76 1996 ORR

Earliest Marriage Records of Lawrence Co., OH 1817-1843

F497 L3M87 1987 ORR

Deutschland ADAC MaxiAtlas

G1912 P2A3 2005 ORR

Rohlf Family. Gift of Ellen Middleswarth

CS71 R733M5 2004 ORR

Bender and Scharfenberg Families. Gift of Ellen Middleswarth

CS71 B46M5 2004 ORR

Smetzer, Weidenhelf, Kleinoeder, . . . Families.

Gift of Ellen Middleswarth

CS71 C63M5 2004 ORR

Middleswarth Family. Gift of Ellen Middleswarth

CS71 M59 2004 ORR

Smyth Co. VA Marriages 1832-1850

F232 S6V64 1984 ORR

Early Marriages, Wills . . . Botetourt Co., VA

F232 B6W6 1996 ORR

Abstracts of Wills Administrations and Marriages of Fauquier Co., VA

F232 F3K5 1986 ORR

Early Quaker Records in VA

F232 N2C5 1989 ORR

Early Kentucky Landholders 1787-1811

F450 S973 2000 ORR

Revolutionary Patriots of Prince George ''s Co. 1775-1783

F187 P9P43 1997 ORR

A Short History of Westmoreland Co., PA

F157 W5B635 ORR

Shenandoah Co., VA Marriage Bonds

F232 S47V64 1984 ORR

Revolutionary Patriots of Montgomery Co., MD 1776-1783

F187 M7P43 1996 ORR

Index to the Virginia Revolutionary "Publick" Claims County Booklets

F263 V8A24 1992 ORR

The Jonathan Hale Farm, A Chronicle of the Cuyahoga Valley

F486 W58 no. 1 ORR

Boone Co., Kentucky Marriages, 1798-1850

F457 B65W67 1991 ORR

Kentucky Families A Bibliographic Listing

F446 H44 1993 ORR

Fauquier Co, VA Marriage Bonds 1759-1854 Returns 1785-1848

F232 F3G69 1989 ORR

Rockingham Co., VA Marriages 1778-1850

F232 R7V63 1984 ORR

Life and Times in Wellsville, an Ohio River Town

F499 W45M67 1987 ORR

Bedford Co., PA Archives, Volume I & II

F157 B25E39 1985 ORR

Index to Combination Atlas Map of Fairfield Co., OH

G1398 F2E9 1875 ORR

Putnam Co., OH Cemetery Inscriptions vol. 13 Jackson TWP

F497 P98P88 1986 vol. 13 ORR

A Handy Guide to Record Searching in the Larger Cities of the US

Z5303 U5K57 ORR

History of Delaware (OH) Police Department 1852-1992

F499 D4B76 1994 ORR

The Center Genealogical Research in the National Capitol

CS44 S33 1996 ORR

Young American Patriots WWII OHIO

E806 Y68 1947 ORR

Historical and Photographic Souvenir of the BPOE (OH)

F490 C42 1903 ORR

Goochland Co. VA Court Orders 1735-1737

F232 G65G657 1991 ORR

Nelson Co., (KY) Marriages

F457 N2I55 1983 ORR

Timesaving Aid to VA-WV Ancestors

F225 W33 1985 ORR

Washington Co., KY Marriage Bonds

F457 W3S2629 1989 ORR

Lancaster Co., PA Tax Lists 1751, 1756, 1757, 1758

F157 L2G47 1972 ORR

Nelson Co., (KY) Marriages 1785-1810 & 1811-1830 (2 volumes)

F457 N2F7 1985 ORR

Madison Co., KY Marriage Records 1852-1876 & 1877-1899 (2 v.)

F457 M17V63 ORR

Probate Delayed Birth Records Wood Co., OH 1863-1920

F497 W8P756 2004 ORR

Bullitt Co., KY Land Records 1819-1825

F457 B92B84 1994 ORR

Smith Co., TN Chancery Court Records 1824-1871

F443 S6P368 2001 ORR

An Index to the Will Books . . . of Lancaster Co., PA 1729-1850

F157 L2F88 1994 ORR

Pennsylvania Place Names

F147 E75 1970 ORR

The Descendants of John Comins and his wife Mary

CS71 C972 2001 ORR

History of Lawrence Co. OH, vol.2

F497 L3H58 2004




Historical Views and Maps of Guernsey Co., OH

XG1138 G8G8 1982 ORR

Cemeteries of Guernsey Co. OH, Knox Twp. V. 1

F497 G93C45 v.1 ORR

Cemeteries of Guernsey Co. OH, Millwood Twp. V. 2

F497 G93C45 v. 2 ORR

Cemeteries of Guernsey Co., OH, Liberty Twp. V. 3

F497 G93C45 v. 3 ORR

Cemeteries of Guernsey Co., OH, Jefferson/Center Twp. V.4

F497 G93C45 v. 4 ORR

Cemeteries of Guernsey Co., OH, Mills Twp. V. 5

F497 G93C45 v. 5 ORR

Cemeteries of Guernsey Co., OH, Wheeling Twp. V. 6

F497 G93C45 v. 6 ORR

Cemeteries of Guernsey Co., OH, Monroe Twp. V. 7

F497 G93C45 v. 7 ORR

Cemeteries of Guernsey Co., OH, Oxford Twp. V. 8

F497 G93C45 v. 8 ORR

Cemeteries of Guernsey Co., OH, Madison Twp. V. 9

F497 G93C45 v. 9 ORR

Cemeteries of Guernsey Co., OH, Cambridge Twp. V. 10

F497 G93C45 v. 10 ORR

Cemeteries of Guernsey Co., OH, Westland/Adams Twp. V. 11

F497 G93C45 v.11 ORR

Cemeteries of Guernsey Co., OH, Memory Gardens v. 12

F497 G93C45 v.12 ORR

Cemeteries of Guernsey Co., OH, Richland Twp. V. 13

F497 G93C45 v. 13 ORR

Londonderry Twp. Cemeteries and Other Historical Data

F497 G93M67 1992 ORR

Pioneer Cemeteries of Southeastern Ohio 1801-1980

F499 M3C6 ORR

The Old Graveyard in Cambridge OH, Founders Cemetery

F497 G93 S17 2002 ORR

Northwood Cemetery V. 1 section 1 - 15 Guernsey, Co., OH

F497 G93T67 ORR

Senecaville Cemetery Lot Owners and 19th C. Interment Records

F497 G93E77 2002 ORR

Please note the generous gift of Elizabeth Hampsher Yaw of California . She gave us money to purchase over 20 books in memory of her husband, Clarence Yaw, who had roots in Guernsey County . This helped us “bulk up” our Guernsey County history section with books we normally could not have afforded to purchase. Each book has a memorial plate in it. It is a great way to honor someone is a way that is meaningful and also, useful to others. If you would like to make a donation as a memorial or otherwise, contact Becky for details.

AncestryPlus is changing

The Library version of has changed hands and is now called Ancestry.LibraryEdition. Until December, the Library will have both versions, but after that date, it will only be known as Ancestry.LibraryEdition. It is about the same as AncestryPlus, which we have had for several years, but it is supposed to have more data. The big benefit is that the Hayes Library will no longer just have one user allowed to access the database at one time. With Ancestry. LibraryEdition there is no limit to the number of users in the library.

Here is a sampling of the databases added to Ancestry in the last two weeks:

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 - Updated


1900 United States Federal Census - Updated


San Francisco Passenger Lists - Updated


1901 England Census - Updated


Watertown, New York City Directory, 1944


Concord and Vicinity, New Hampshire City Directories, 1904-1962


St. John at Hackney, England Memorials


Plymouth, Massachusetts City Directory, 1917


Wales Topographical Dictionary, 1844


East Providence, Rhode Island City Directory, 1939-1940


United Kingdom County Families


Newton, Massachusetts City Directory, 1921


Powys, Wales Feudal Barons


Mystic, Stonington, and Noank, Connecticut City Directory, 1929-1930


England Manorial Law and Customs


Hanover and Lyme, New Hampshire City Directory, 1918-1919


Essex, Herts, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey, and Sussex Counties Post Office Directory, c. 1851

Remember this is a database you cannot access at home for free. You have to come to the Hayes Library and use any computer here to check out these titles.

Heritage Quest

This subscription database is available here in the Library and also at home. For at-home access to ALL the US Census and to 25,000 genealogy and local history books, become a member of the Hayes Presidential Center at the $45 level and have one year’s access to Heritage Quest.

If you are not a member and would like to become one, it is now possible to join online. Go to

and add your order to the online shopping cart. For those of you who have ordered obituaries online, the form will look familiar. It is the same shopping cart. Remember to join at the $45 level or higher level in order to get Heritage Quest online at home – whether you live in Fremont, Iowa or California.

If you do not like to shop online, you can print out the forms online and mail a check for the proper amount to


Hayes Presidential Center

Spiegel Grove

Fremont, OH 43420

For gift subscriptions, it is best to call or write. 1-800-998-7737

And from

 Genealogists diet: "Fiche and Ships topped with tantalizing Sources"! 

Becky Hill and the Hayes Library Staff

Head Librarian

Hayes Presidential Library

Spiegel Grove

Fremont, OH 43420 419-332-2081 Comments/suggestions?