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Genealogy News from the Hayes Presidential Center

News from the Hayes Presidential Library

Fremont, Ohio

An e-mail update to new genealogical resources and services

12 August 2005

Upcoming classes:

September 21, 2005 – Beginning Genealogy

October 20, 2005 - Computers and Genealogy

November 19, 2005 – Beginning Genealogy

It has been a long time since our last newsletter. I apologize for the delay with the only excuse being that we are so busy "doing", we haven't found time to report what we have "done".

New web site

The biggest accomplishment has been the launching of the new HPC web site, along with the Obituary Index, now integrated with the Hayes site. As you may know, WGTE Public Broadcasting of Toledo helped us redesign and improve our web sites. Some of the new features include:

· New organization on the top page which should make it easier to find all the information available

· The Obituary Index can be found by going to, clicking on Obituaries, then Search Obituaries or go directly to

· Each department at HPC will be in charge of their own information and able to update it themselves which should result in more data being made available, in a timely manner.

· The member log-in is now conveniently located in the upper-right side of the top page.

· Almost every page of the web site has buttons on it which allow for the page to be printed or emailed.

· Many useful hand-outs and articles have been posted online, including my genealogical class hand-outs and Nan Card’s articles at

In upcoming newsletters, we will highlight some of the new features of our web site.

Thanks to many of you for helping to underwrite the new web site with your donations to the Friends of the Hayes Obituary Index. Well over $4000 was raised which certainly helped pay the bills. A list of the donors is on the new site

Thanks also go to Bruce Buzbee of RootsMagic for his generous donation of autographed books and RootsMagic programs to those donors who gave $100 or more. If you missed your opportunity, we still have a few autographed sets left and lots of room left on the page for donors. Contact Becky Hill at 1-800-998-7737 or donate online:

By the way, the charming picture on the page above is my mother’s mother’s family from Horseheads, NY. I thought the Josiah Douglass family would be a nice change of pace from all the Hayes family photos we usually use.

Thanks also go to Bruce Buzbee for his excellent program on RootsMagic in April in the Hayes auditorium, which over 100 people attended.

HPC Membership – New Benefits

You all probably know by now about the benefits of becoming a member of the Hayes Presidential Center, especially getting access at home to Heritage Quest and all the US census records. Through the efforts of Nan Card and financial support of the Sidney Frohman Foundation, members at the $45 level now can have remote access to the Newspaper Archive Elite f ile and the History Reference Center . The Newspaper Archive is especially interesting to genealogists providing over 24 million pages of fully searchable newspaper pages from 400 cities and towns in the US, Canada and Great Britain. By playing around with the search feature, I found actual newpaper images of a marriage of an uncle in Mansfield, Ohio in 1950, a notice of my grandmother giving a DAR history award in Eldred, PA. in 1945, and an article on an uncle giving operatic training to a woman in Middleton, NY in 1976. If you are a member, log in and try one of these new databases. If you aren’t a member and would like to become one, click here - Access to these databases and Heritage Quest and Ancestry Library Edition are always free to the public in the library during our regular hours, so come in and check them out and see if you might want to have them at home, too.

New Books

With the new web site, it is now easy to find what new books have come in at the Library.

Go to for an up-to-date list of new items that have been bought or donated to the Hayes Library, mostly of genealogical interest.

New Church Records

Church records are a valuable source of genealogical information, which we are always interested in adding to our collection. Catholic churches have traditionally kept excellent records, often pre-dating civil births and deaths. Patrick McGrady purchased the Holy Angels Catholic Church records of Sandusky. The Sidney Frohman Foundation recently donated funds to purchase several roles of microfilm:

Emmanuel UCC, First Congregational, First Presbyterian, Grace Episcopal, St. John Lutheran, St. Mary Catholic, and St. Stephen’s UCC, all of Sandusky, Ohio.

These films are housed in the Library’s microfilm cabinets. Ask librarians for help.

There are plenty more rolls of church records that we need – if interested in a particular county, why not offer to purchase them for the library?

Sandusky County Kin Hunters

The Kin Hunters have been busy publishing new Sandusky County records. They recently published the “ Sandusky County Landowners Atlas of 1903 ” and the “ Sandusky County Washington Township Cemeteries ” They are currently taken pre-publication orders for the long awaited “ Sandusky County Index to Marriage Records, 1820-1894 ”. Go to their web site for further information

And now for some important local news…..

Fremont Daily Messenger, June 19, 1923

Prowling Alley Feline Murders Valuable Birds

Mrs. Clarence Mortel of Stilwell Avenue (Fremont) is mourning the loss of five valuable canaries while Mr. Mortel has gone gunning for a low brow, alley-ranging cat that ate the songsters, without salt, pepper or mustard early Tuesday morning.

Mrs Bortel has been raising a number of the pretty little songsters, on which she has realized quite a neat sum. The birds, seven in number, were kept in a specially built porch in the rear of the house, here their cages were exposed to fresh air and lots of sunshine.

About 5 o’clock Tuesday morning, Mr. Bortel was awakened by a crash that came from the direction of the aviary on the lower floor. He hastened downstairs and opened a door and a frightened cat dashed out of the place. Battered cages and feathers were noticed on the floor and all that remained of five valuable birds, four females and one celebrated male singer, was a metal tag band.

The cat had climbed up a cherry tree near the side of the house and had entered a bedroom window on the second floor to steal downstairs and enter the aviary through a hole in the screen. The dead birds were valued at $500. The murdering feline made its escape via the same route that it gained entrance and it just escaped death by a hair as a gun was rolled into action a second or two after the bloody-jowled beast vanished over the backyard fence. Now a cat hunt is on that will rival a tiger hunt in India.

Becky Hill and the Hayes Library Staff

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