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Genealogy News from the Hayes Presidential Center 1/24/2005

24 January 2005

Upcoming classes:

March 19, 2005 – Beginning Genealogy

April 12, 2005 - Computers and Genealogy

Treasures in the Stacks

The Hayes Library staff recently found an interesting cache of research material in our collections. We have a set of Re-Appraisement Records for Sandusky County for 1924. This is a set of 34 large volumes which appraises real property in the county. What makes this particularly fascinating is the detailed description of each lot or parcel of land, including the buildings on it – houses, barns, outbuildings, etc. Along with the name of the owner, you can find out size of the lot and the buildings, the construction of them, number of rooms in the house, whether the building had a basement or bathroom, and best of all, the approximate age of the structure –estimated by the appraiser or reported by the owner. Merv Hall and John Ransom looked up their property and were surprised that their houses were older than they originally thought. The Library has had quite a few people in recently asking about how to trace their house’s history and this will provide a valuable piece in the jig saw puzzle of a home’s genealogy.

We have attached to this email scans of two pages of one of these books. Many of you will not be able to receive them because of attachment issues, but for those who can, you can see the kind of detailed information available in this set of books.

Unfortunately, we do not have similar records for any other county, but, if they still exist they should be in the county’s Auditor’s Office or possibly in a nearby museum or archives.

Obits on the Web

The Index keeps growing. We are up to 435,000 names in the database, with 28 libraries inputting data into system- Norwalk, Ada, Van Wert, and Wooster/Wayne County are our newest partners. We are also working on an upgrade to the web site, adding more bells and whistles to our search engine. We hope to have that out late this spring.

Any Polish ancestors?

We recently received an interesting old book via an exchange program with university libraries. It is Polish Countrysides; photographs and narrative by Louise A. Boyd; with a contribution by Stanislaw Gorzuchowski, published in 1937 (before the devastation of World War II). It has many photographs of the “way it was” in rural areas of Poland and would be of interest to anyone with Polish ancestry.

Thanks for your generosity!

Staff member Marlo Keller, who has roots in Maine, has generously donated some useful new genealogical sources for Maine: Four CD’s of Maine Cemetery Inscriptions, which include the counties of Sagadahoc, Kennebec, Piscataquis, and Cumberland (and you thought Polish names were bad?!) and a book entitled the Length and Breadth of Maine by Stanley Attwood. The latter includes a listing of place names of Maine.

Deb Arnold tracked down the records of the Seneca County Infirmary and donated a roll of microfilm of the Seneca County Home Records which includes their records from 1856 to 1882.

Pat McGrady donated money to purchase two rolls of microfilm for the St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church of Sandusky, Ohio, in memory of his father, L. J. McGrady. They should be arriving by early February and will join many other Catholic church records for our area.

The Frohman Foundation of Sandusky purchased some additional newspapers for our collection – the Ottawa County Herald 1906 to 1918 and the Erie Reporter from 1973 to 1982. The Ottawa County Herald was recently indexed for obituaries from 1905 to 1921 by our volunteer, Irene Byrne, and most of it has been input into the online Obituary Index already.

Thanks for all for your help in expanding our collections. With our tight budget, we are always happy to get donations of appropriate materials and can always use help building our collections. Why not consider sponsoring a county in Ohio? We could check to see what we have for that county and then let you know how much we would need to purchase additional books or film to fill out the material for that county. Each item can always have a bookplate recognizing the donor or the person you would like to honor.

We are also looking for a sponsor for our subscription to Ancestry.LibraryEdition website. This costs the library about $750 a year, but provides an amazing array of genealogical sources for the whole country. Along with Heritage Quest, these two web sites have expanded the Hayes Library assets far beyond the Ohio borders and made research for all visitors possible, whether a school child had ancestors in Texas or roots in Virginia. Contact Becky Hill if you or your group would be interested in sponsoring this web site at Hayes.

New on Ancestry.Library Edition: 1890 Veteran’s Schedule

Ancestry is a subscription website available for free in the Reading Room of the Library at any public computer.

This database is an index to individuals enumerated in the 1890 special census of Civil War Union veterans and widows of veterans available on microfilm M123 (118 rolls) from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Although this schedule was to be used to enumerate Union veterans, in some areas, Confederate veterans were listed as well.

The 1890 veterans schedules provided spaces for the following information: names of surviving soldiers, sailors, and marines, and widows; rank; name of regiment or vessel; date of enlistment; date of discharge, length of service; post office address; disability incurred; and remarks. Although all of this information is available on the census schedules themselves, information listed in this index includes the veteran's name or widow's name, rank, year of enlistment, and year of discharge.

New Books from the Hayes Presidential Center

"History of Marietta and Washington Co., OH (2 volumes)" F497 W3A53 2003 v. 1& 2 ORR

MORBUS Why and How Our Ancestors Died; A Genealogist's Dictionary CS6 C48 1991 ORR

Akron and Environs F499 A3O65 2001 ORR

"Memorial Record of Butler Co., OH" F497 B9M5 ORR

"History of Miami Co., OH" F497 M6S83 2001 ORR

Immigrants to the Middle Colonies F106 I47 1979 ORR Gift of Jim Weaver

Passengers to America CS68 P37 1978 ORR Gift of Jim Weaver

"Champaign (Co.) Democrat June 15, 1905 facsimile" F497 C4 1986 ORR

"Road Duplicate Seneca Township, Seneca Co., OH 1893-1902" F497 S4R64 2004 ORR

"Index to Marriages of Seneca Co., OH 1899-1992" F497 S4K45 2004 ORR

"Seneca Co., Directories (4 vol.) 1962, 1984, 1994,1997" F497 S4R634 1962 ORR Gift of Ronald Stuckey

"Crawford Co., Directories (8 vol.) 1961,69,72,76,82,84,90,95" F497 C8R6 1961 ORR Gift of Ronald Stuckey

Attica High School Roster 1880-1955 F499 A88A88 1955 ORR Gift of Ronald Stuckey

How to Trace Your Family Tree CS16 A48 1975 ORR Gift of Ronald Stuckey

History of the Shuey Family in America 1732-1876 CS71 S561 1876 ORR Gift of Ronald Stuckey

Kentucky Genealogical Research F450 S33 1983 ORR Gift of Ronald Stuckey

"Rural Directory of Seneca Co., OH 1916" F497 S4F37 1916 ORR Gift of Ronald Stuckey

"Worthington, OH History" F499 W92W67 1975 ORR Gift of Ronald Stuckey

"Crawford Co., OH Platbook (2 vol.) 1979 & 1991" F497 C8C73 1991 ORR Gift of Ronald Stuckey

"Seneca Co., OH Platbook" F497 S4S46 ORR Gift of Ronald Stuckey

Genealogical Dictionary CS6 C73 ORR Gift of Ronald Stuckey

"Dickman Directory Sandusky, OH and Erie Co.," F497 S2S3 2004 ORR

Why some of us have brick walls….

Susie Lee Done Fell In Love
Contributed by Vicky Daviss Mitchell

Susie Lee done fell in love;
She planned to marry Joe.
She was so happy 'bout it all
And she told her Pappy so.

But Pappy said, 'Susie, gal,
You'll have to find another
I'd just as soon ya Ma don't know,
But Joe is yo' half brother.'

So Susie put aside her Joe
And planned to marry Will.
But after telling Pappy this,
He said, 'There's trouble still ..
You can't marry Will, my gal
And please don't tell your Mother,
But Will and Joe and several mo'
I know is yo' half brother.'

But Mama knew and said to her,
'My chile, do what makes ya happy.
Marry Will or marry Joe,
You ain't no kin to Pappy.'