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Genealogy News from the Hayes Presidential Center

Upcoming classes:

2009 Classes Sponsored by the Keller Family and Friends in Memory of Marlo Snyder Keller

August 22, 2009 - Saturday - Internet Genealogy, 9:30-11:30 a.m. (Free)
September 26, 2009 - Saturday - Beginning Genealogy, 9:30-11:30 $10.00 adult; $5 student under 18
October 14, 2009, Wednesday - Internet Genealogy, 9:30-11:30 a.m. $10.00/$5.00

Call 419.332.2081 to register.

Budget Situation

Thanks to everyone for your emails, calls and support the past month or so in response to our call for help with the Ohio State budget and its cutbacks.

Unfortunately, the State has found it necessary to reduce the funding to the Hayes Presidential Center by 45%. The good news is that unlike many other historical agencies the State is not our only source of income. We have additional revenue from admissions, memberships, donations, sales (such as obituary purchases, the store, etc.), and revenue from our trust fund. Despite very high attendance and good income this past year, our investments have suffered major losses just like the rest of the country. The bottom line is that our budget is down about 20% from the past year.

What does this mean to you?

1. We will be closing on Mondays stating in September 2009, but the Library will remain open Tuesday through Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our website is kept current with hours and closing dates.

2. Some fees will increase, such as the admission fees to the house and museum. The Library is free and will remain so. We will start charging for the Genealogy Classes we give, starting in September. Adults will be charged $10, students under 18 - $5.00.

3. We will not be buying any new books unless the funds are donated for them.

4. The Dillon House will go inactive in January 2010 due to its high cost of operation.

The upside of this “gloom and doom” is that we are still here, still open five days a week, 9 to 5, still have the same friendly staff (just working fewer hours) and still have the great resources available to genealogists. We still have the popular subscription databases- Heritage Quest, thanks to the Sandusky KinHunters and, thanks to our new partnership and of course, all the books and microfilm are here and are not going anywhere. Our copy fees will remain the same.

What can I do to help?

The Center is hoping to conduct a fundraising campaign as a stopgap method and you will be hearing about that soon.

Keep ordering obituaries!

Encourage donations and memorials to the Center when a loved one dies. The family is always notified when a donation is made in honor of a person.

For news articles on our cutbacks, see the following links:

Fremont News Messenger

Toledo Blade

The Ohio Historical Society was also hit very hard. If you are interested in how they are handling the cuts, go to

Ohio Obituary Index

Indexers at Hayes (and from home) are still hard at work and currently indexing and inputting Sandusky Register in 1935, Bellevue Gazette in 1959, Norwalk in 1905, Attica in 2008, along with Fremont Croghan High School Annuals of the 1930’s, and some Fremont St. Joseph Catholic school records from the mid 1800’s. And of course, our 40 library partners are continually adding their information on a daily basis across the state. Keep checking the index – you never know what might show up.

We still do not yet have a date for the actual merge of our data with, but we hope when it happens it will be a seamless integration of the data and will hopefully give us much needed exposure and more obituary orders. In the meantime, we now have access to additional materials on on the Library computers than we had before, including Family Trees, which were not available in the Ancestry Library Edition we had previously.

Thanks to the following who have given donations of money or materials to the Hayes Library since the last newsletter:

Barbara Brown
Connie Fitzgerald
Rutherford H. Platt
Ronald Stuckey
Larry Michaels
Krista Michaels

In Memory of Phyllis Joanne Ebert

Kathleen Artuso Phyllis Joanne Ebert, former HPC Guide
Valerie & Keith Van Sickle
Louis & Norma Zorn
Jan Hazen
Kenneth & LaDonna Borchardt-Myers
Ben & Janet Hickey
Steve Ebert & Family
Mary Beaston
Jeffrey & Barbara McNutt
Steve & Becky Shively
Elmer Bakk
Mr. and Mrs.Ralph Hoffman
Maribeth & Douglas Pearson & Nicholas & Drew
Mary & Gary Franks
Alice Frederick
Dave & Mary Gabel
Pete & Marsie Naderer
Rick & Brenda Myers
Patricia Stout
Shirley Mattson
Felista Kiser
Phyllis & Bud Frampton
Mr. and Mrs Norm Gabel
Barb & Roger Haynes
Jon & Kathleen Brough
Mary Ann Mosser
Elwood Shively
Joann Ventura & Katherine Scheid
Mario & Polly Dicocco

As always watch the New Books Column on the website -

Do you have a medieval soldier in your family’s history?

Who would know if they did? Well, there is now a website which lists 250,000 British soldiers from the 1300’s- 1400’s and it is free. Go to to go and look for your medieval archer.

Visiting Historian/ Genealogist

Max Baumann of Stilli, Switzerland (picture, left) is visiting Fremont and the Hayes Center for two weeks. In 1995, he came to Hayes for three months to work on a book on Swiss emigrants who came to Sandusky County in the 19th century. The book was then put on the backburner, but now he has retired and is back to work on his project. He is researching families who came to Ohio from the villages of Stilli and Villigen and surrounding area, including the families of Hirt, Miller, Vogt, Baumann, Kistler, Keller, Finsterwald, Horlacher, Haus (House), Karli (Carley), Maerki (Markey), Schoedler and Hartman. He is particularly interested in the Hausbuch of the Miller family once owned by Lucile S. Riggs, who died in 2002. If anyone knows of its whereabouts please contact him at Max Baumann []

Becky Hill
Head Librarian
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Spiegel Grove
Fremont, OH 43420-2796

419-332-2081 ext. 31
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