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Microfilm Printer Donors

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The following people and organizations have donated funds to purchase a microfilm printer for the Hayes Library

Sandusky County Kin Hunters - $1000

Friends of Ellagene Buhrow in her Memory

Leanna Shaberly in Memory of Eldon and Clarice Elder

Bill and Karyl Summers

Becky Hill in Honor of the Hayes Library Volunteers

Barbara Fleshman

Carolyn Reinbolt in memory of Robert P Welch and Dolores M Reinbolt

Kathy Boukissen in memory of Barney Reineck

Robert and Audrey Baker

Donna Kirsch

Ruth Brill

Ella Mae Peters in honor of her daughter, Rebecca Hill

Lynda and James Heilman in memory of Hon.Paul "Skip" E. Gillmor

Neva A. Wilbert

Ann L. Butzin

Alice Ann Scharf

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Speck

Jim & Carrol Spitnale

Frances Sinclair in memory of George Sinclair

Dorothy Cox

Patrick McGrady

Juanita L. Edgar

Martha Belch

Joan Jahns

Patricia A. Dwyer

Leanna Jo Shaberly (second donation)

Richard and Linda Geyman

Mark & Christine Smith

Charles & Linda Ardner

Mary L. Rathfelder

Frances G. Hipp

Ann Cain

Molly and James Cress

Elizabeth Yaw

John Elmlinger

Frances Sinclair (second donation)

Rex Felton

Donald Rathbun

Wayne & Suzanne Darr in Honor of Marlo L. Keller

Betty & Jim Thomas in Honor of Franklin M. Steinhauser

Irene E. Byrne

Kathleen A. Taylor In Memory of the Quilter and Flahiff Families