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Why a professor in Denver gives to the Hayes Presidential Center.



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California resident adds to genealogy resources

Some of the books donated by Elizabeth Hampsher Yaw.Although she has lived in California most of her adult life, Elizabeth Hampsher Yaw has deep roots in Sandusky County, Ohio. Both her mother's and father's families lived in the area, and she was born in Fremont.

Mrs. Yaw's interest in genealogy and familiarity with resources located in the Hayes Library influenced her selection of a very personal tribute to her late husband Clarence. Twenty new genealogical references were added to the Library's collection at Elizabeth's request. Most of the books relate to the history of Guernsey County, Ohio - the home of Clarence's ancestors. The generous donation significantly increases genealogical resources available on this region of southeast Ohio.

Among the titles contributed by Mrs. Yaw in memory of her husband are: Historical Views and Maps of Guernsey Co.; Londonderry Township Cemeteries and Other Historical Data; Pioneer Cemeteries of Southeastern Ohio 1801-1980; The Old Graveyard in Cambridge; Founders Cemetery; Northwood Cemetery Vol. 1 sections 1-15; Senecaville Cemetery Lot Owners and 19th Century Interment Records; and volumes 1-13 of Cemeteries of Guernsey County Ohio, which include indexes to cemeteries in the following townships: Knox, Millwood, Liberty, Jefferson/Center, Mills, Wheeling, Monroe, Oxford, Madison, Cambridge, Westland/Adams, Memory Gardens, and Richland.

According to Head Librarian Becky Hill, purchase of the books would not have been possible without the generosity of Mrs. Yaw. Each contains a memorial plate and, in a very real sense, represents a living legacy to Clarence in terms of the information that now is available to genealogists visiting the library.

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