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Why a professor in Denver gives to the Hayes Presidential Center.



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Donor's support is steeped in history

Theodore Rawson Crane is a professor emeritus of the University of Denver history department.As Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Denver, Theodore Rawson Crane believes in the importance of studying history and knowing your family’s stories. His mother’s ancestors were early settlers of Fremont, Sandusky County, and Northwest Ohio. His great-great-grandfather, Dr. LaQuinio Rawson (1804-1888) was a Fremont resident and benefactor of the community, having supported the establishment of the Sandusky County Fairgrounds.

“People should know their history and the Hayes Presidential Center is an ideal place to learn,” said Professor Crane. “It’s a remarkable place.”

In 2002, Professor Crane established a Charitable Gift Annuity naming the Center as beneficiary. His desire in doing this was to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to research here.

Professor Crane stated, “If you look at the resources at the Hayes Presidential Center, the Ohio Obituary Index, the Manuscripts Collection and so forth, you see the raw materials of people’s lives. You have history from the bottom up. People should be supporting the Center and using its resources to learn about their families and the environment in which their families lived.” He went on to note that knowing the history of a place is important because it provides inspiration for us today. “Understanding a community or region illustrates how innovation can come out of those municipalities,” he said.

Professor Crane wanted to leave a legacy gift to the Hayes Presidential Center as a testimony to his lifelong involvement in family and local history research. His gift has been designated to support the acquisition and preservation of manuscripts.