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Steve Bare - Intern 2015
Sarah Bender - Intern 2013
Rebecca Dickinson - Intern 2013
Roslyn Hashiguchi - Intern 2012
Jessica Maiberger - Intern 2011
Emily George - Intern 2010/2011
Kristen Benedict - Intern 2010
Carl Brown - Intern 2009/2010
Alexandra Hutchings - Intern 2009
Charles Johnson - Intern 2009
Julie Erchenbrecher Intern 2008
Brittany Harnish Intern 2007
Meredith Scheiber - Intern 2007
Joe Faykosh - Intern 2006 Ohio Humanities Council
George Hossler - Intern 2006



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Meredith Scheiber - Intern 2007

Meredith Scheiber

Meredith Scheiber

The Hayes Presidential Center was pleased to have Meredith Scheiber, an Ohio native and a History major at Long Island University, serve as an intern during the summer months of 2007. Meredith digitized manuscript collection descriptions for the Hayes Center website; scanned photographs for uploading to the image database; transcribed documents; and learned basic preservation measures, collection processing and appraisal.

Meredith will return to New York where she will complete her senior year. She then plans to attend graduate school and continue to pursue her interest in History. The entire Hayes Presidential Center wishes here the very best!