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Sarah Rumple - Intern 2016
Steve Bare - Intern 2015
Sarah Bender - Intern 2013
Rebecca Dickinson - Intern 2013
Roslyn Hashiguchi - Intern 2012
Jessica Maiberger - Intern 2011
Emily George - Intern 2010/2011
Kristen Benedict - Intern 2010
Carl Brown - Intern 2009/2010
Alexandra Hutchings - Intern 2009
Charles Johnson - Intern 2009
Julie Erchenbrecher Intern 2008
Brittany Harnish Intern 2007
Meredith Scheiber - Intern 2007
Joe Faykosh - Intern 2006 Ohio Humanities Council
George Hossler - Intern 2006



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Roslyn Hashiguchi - Intern 2012

Roslyn Hashiguchi

Roslyn Hashiguchi

The Hayes Presidential Center welcomed Roslyn Hashiguchi this summer. Roslyn is the librarian at Norwalk High School, where she supervises and manages the Library Media Center and Library Computer Lab. She instructs students in research and information literacy. Interested in digital preservation, she sought to better understand how digital initiatives are used outside the classroom. Roslyn completed a 130-hour Kent State University practicum at the Hayes Presidental Center.

Roslyn made a significant contribution to the Manuscripts Division by adding previously scanned images and metadata to the online searchable database that makes images and information about them available through OhioLINKís Digital Resource Commons. The community, Images from the News Messengers, allows Internet researchers to access, search, and learn about images that are part of the Hayes Presidential Centerís huge collection of black and white prints that appeared in the Fremont News Messenger during the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.

Roslyn also digitized and uploaded to the Hayes Presidential Centerís website the titles and publishers of more than 300 un-cataloged 19th and early 20th century pamphlets and advertising bulletins. The materials have been part of the Hayes Presidential Centerís Rice Collection for many years. Roslyn also assisted in the long-term project of providing online access to speeches and proclamations given by President Rutherford B. Hayes.