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List of Other Sources Indexed in the Obituary Index.
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Friends of the Hayes Obituary Index - Please Contribute
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Friends of the Hayes Obituary Index - Please Contribute

Help Ease Our Growing Pains
  • The Hayes Obituary Index has been online since 2001.
  • It has grown from 180,000 records in Sept 2001 to 1,500,000 in May 2009.
  • It has expanded from the Hayes Presidential Center alone to a partnership with 40 public libraries throughout the state of Ohio.
  • Web hits have increased from 180,000 a month in 2001 to over 2,000,000 a month in March 2009.
  • Library staff and volunteers have looked up over 32,000 obits for people throughout the country.

Just as an obituary can be a crucial piece of your search for an ancestor,
your support is a crucial piece of our web site.

Please show your support for this valuable asset to genealogy by becoming a Friend of the Hayes Obituary Index. Click here to see the page which lists donors to the fund. When a donor gives money, he/she can denote that it is "In Memory of" or "In Honor of" someone he would like to honor.

  • To contribute online, click here for form.
  • To contribute via mail, click here for form, going then to the shopping cart to fill in name, address, etc., but not credit card. Print out form and then mail to

    Friends of the Hayes Obituary Index
    Hayes Presidential Center
    Spiegel Grove
    Fremont, OH 43420

  • To contribute by phone, you may call the Hayes Presidential Center and charge any amount over the phone. Please call 1-800-998-7737 and ask for the Library.


  1. Able to limit searches by a specific newspaper.
    If you have a John Miller as an ancestor, you will be able to limit the search results to the John Millers of Tiffin or Lima, instead of bringing up all of them and having to sort through hundreds of names.
  2. Make reports from the search results so you can sort the data logically (by newspaper, by date) and then come to the library to do your look-ups.
  3. Add a "post-em note" to an entry saying that you are interested in a particular person and would like to share information, giving your contact information.
  4. Improve display of the "Other Sources" search results.

    Besides newspaper obituaries, we have hundreds of Other Sources indexed, such as wills, estates, funeral home records, manuscript collections, obituary card files and scrapbooks. Currently when you see these, it is confusing to figure out what you have found. The new site will allow you to click on the Other Source name, which will bring up further information on that source, along with an online form, which can be used to order it.
  5. Change color of the name of a person on the list when you have visited it allowing you to clearly see where you have already searched.
  6. Spell out the newspaper source when it is displayed in the search results, rather than abbreviating it.

Along with Obits Updates, the Hayes Presidential Center web site has been overhauled and will have a completely different look. Genealogists will appreciate:

  • new easy-to-use menus
  • added content, including online lists of Biographical and Local History Files
  • online sign-up to newsletters, such as the Genealogy News we have been emailing out the past few years.
  • online hand-outs from the genealogy classes given on beginning genealogy and computer genealogy
  • more complete genealogy and pictures of the Hayes family
  • floor plan of the Library

Thanks for being a friend of the Hayes Presidential Centerís Obituary Index.

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