• Last Name: Use exact spelling.

  • First Name: Use exact spelling or last name with only the first letter of the first name.


    • A search for the last name of "Hurd," yields all "Hurd" entries with that exact spelling.

    • A search for the last name of "Hurd" with the entry "A" for the first name, yields Hurd, A.; Hurd, Abigail; Hurd Agnes; Hurd, Americus; etc.

      Tip: Search the last name without a first name. Entries will appear for all surnames without a first name, followed by entries with first names listed alphabetically. Scroll to browse all entries.

Subject: A pull down menu gives options for selecting images about a certain topic.


  • Selecting the subject "Architecture" from the pull down menu yields records for 255 images about the topic.

    Tip: To narrow your search, select architecture from the "subject" field's pull down menu. Then enter a location such as Washington in the "place" field. Only records of images associated with the architecture of Washington, D. C. will appear

  • Details: Click the "details" field for more specific information about the image and its location within the collection.


    • The records for celebrations ("subject" field) in Clyde, Ohio, ("place" field), show an image of the presentation of an eagle weathervane ("notes" field). Click "details" for a second screen with more specific information. The image was taken at the Heritage Hall in 1988. Three views of the event can be found in Box 13B Folder 15.

    • "Details" about an image may include: name of the photographer, photographic process, date, print number, negative number, page (for images appearing in albums), and names of other individuals in the photograph.

      The collection contains numerous photographs of individuals who are not identified. Examining the record's other data may prove helpful (i.e., subject, place, date, affiliation, and "notes" field) in identifying the individual or other missing information.


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