M. (private).

Spouse: George Washington Towar Sr.. Children were: Dr. George Washington Towar Jr..

M. (private).

Spouse: Jack Mabry Mabry. Children were: Mabry, Mabry.

M. (private).

Spouse: Marshall Nelson.

M. (private).

Spouse: Robert Scott. Children were: John Scott.

Malvina Eve (private).

Spouse: James B. Heyl. Children were: James Henry Heyl.

Margaret (private).

Spouse: John Holden. Children were: Bertha Madlyn Holden.

Margaret "Marnie" (private).

Spouse: Hugh Ivo Frazer. Children were: Simon Frazer, Rachel Frazer.

Margaret (private).

Spouse: Richard Lawrence Sebring.

Martha (private).

Spouse: Edward Collins Deacon. Children were: Sybil Collins.

Mary (private).

Spouse: Peter Ware. Children were: Peter Ware Jr..

Mary (private).

Spouse: Daniel Hayes.

Mary died in February 1695. She was born.

Spouse: Walter Lee. Mary and Walter Lee were married. Children were: John Lee.

Mary was born about 1610 in Clayton-le-Woods, Lancashire, England.2 She died on 25 March 1687 in Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., MA.2 She was buried in Dennis/Worden Cemetery, Barnstable, MA.2

Spouse: Peter Worden 2nd. Mary and Peter Worden 2nd were married between 1630 and 1640 in England.2 Children were: Mary Worden.

May (private).

Spouse: James P. Palmer Sr.. Children were: James Rice Palmer Jr..

Mrs. (private).

Spouse: Harry Eaton Smith. Children were: David Smith, Steven Smith.

Mrs. (private).

Spouse: Richard H. Lindsay.

Mrs. Austin (private).

Spouse: Daniel Austin. Children were: Joseph B. Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin.

Mrs. D. Hayes (private).

Spouse: Dudley Hayes II. Children were: Vincent Hayes, Nancy Hayes, Rebecca Hayes.

Mrs. Dudley Hayes (private).

Spouse: Dudley Hayes II. Children were: Dudley Hayes III, Sterling Hayes, Chauncy Hayes, Marietta Hayes.

Mrs. George3 died about 1735.3

Spouse: George Hayes. Mrs. George and George Hayes were married. Children were: Jonathan Hayes, Zeruiah Hayes, George Hayes, Elisha Hayes, Jane Hayes, Mary Hayes.

Mrs. William (private).

Spouse: William Hayes I. Children were: Jenny Hayes.

Myrna (private).

Spouse: Roy Hilburn. Children were: Roy Lee Hilburn.

Myrtle (private).

Spouse: George Fujii. Children were: Sharon Fujii.

Nancy died in 1961.

Spouse: Scott Cook McCandless. Nancy and Scott Cook McCandless were married.

Nancy J. (private).

Spouse: Anson Hitchcock Miller. Children were: Mary Otis Miller.

Olive (private).

Spouse: Paul Newton Poling. Children were: David Poling.

Parmelia L. (private).

Spouse: Elezer B. Rockwell. Children were: Milo Rockwell.

Paul (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth Cummings Walbridge.

Permelia Loomis (private).

Spouse: Thomas Austin. Children were: Thomas Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin.

Rebecca (private).

Spouse: Edmund Kimball. Children were: Leonard Kimball.

Sally (private).

Spouse: Woolsey Carmalt. Children were: Charles Robbins Carmalt.

Sarah3 was born.

Spouse: George Hayes. Sarah and George Hayes were married about 1735.3 Children were: David Hayes, Benjamin Hayes, Jacob Hayes, Elijah Hayes, Amos Hayes, Jane Hayes, Sarah Hayes.

Sarah (private).

Spouse: Andrew Harrison. Children were: Ann Hannah Harrison.

Sarah died on 27 March 1683 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. She was born.

Spouse: George Hayes. Sarah and George Hayes were married. Children were: George Hayes.

Stephanie (private). Parents: Steven High and Kristin Ann Hayes.

Susan (private).

Spouse: Leven Bennett. Children were: Fannie J. Bennett.

Susan W.1 was born in 1804 in NY.

Spouse: Foster M. Follett. Susan W. and Foster M. Follett were married. Children were: Sarah Follet.

Susanna died on 8 July 1673 in Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT. She was born.

Spouse: William Whiting. Children were: Rev. John Whiting.

Spouse: Samuel Fitch. Susanna and Samuel Fitch were married on 2 January 1650 in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT.

Spouse: Alexander Bryan. Susanna and Alexander Bryan were married.

Temperance died in 1841 in Akron, Summit Co., OH. She lived in Akron, Summit Co., OH.

Spouse: Linus Austin. Children were: Lorenzo B. Austin, Daniel H. Austin, Alvin Austin, Cyrus Austin, Abigail Austin, Linus Austin.

Thandra (private). Parents: Steven High and Kristin Ann Hayes.

Theresa (private).

Spouse: Harold Budd. Children were: Patricia Budd.

Tirza C. (private).

Tricia (private).

Spouse: Malcolm Liddell.

Unknown (private).

Spouse: Kenneth Hayes Miller.

Victoria (private).

Spouse: Walter Cook.

William Conn (private).

Wife #2 (private).

Spouse: Thomas Clay Sledd.

Wife #2 (private).

Spouse: Roger Benjamin Sledd.

Wife #2 (private).

Spouse: William Campbell Scott. Children were: Lulu Mary Scott.

Wife #3 (private).

Spouse: Frank Williams Rodes.