Sarah Barney (private).

Spouse: Dwight Baldwin Hitchcock.

James Baron (private).

Spouse: Tara Rubright. Children were: Lillian Rose Baron.

Lillian Rose Baron (private). Parents: James Baron and Tara Rubright.

Nettie Barrere (private).

Spouse: John Franklin Nelson. Children were: Mary Cook Nelson.

Barrett (private).

Spouse: William Boggs.

Betty Louise Barrett (private).

Spouse: Gordon Gano Tucker. Children were: Elizabeth Claire Tucker, William Barrett Tucker, Ruth Evalyn Tucker, John Frederick Tucker , Sr..

Halsey M. Barrett (private).

Spouse: Mary Lucy Coe. Children were: Mary Franklin Barrett, Randolph Coe Barrett.

Mary Franklin Barrett3 was born on 25 August 1879. Parents: Halsey M. Barrett and Mary Lucy Coe.

Randolph Coe Barrett (private). Parents: Halsey M. Barrett and Mary Lucy Coe.

Homer Barrow (private).

Spouse: Helen C. Miller.

Luther Barstow (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth Graves. Children were: Sarah Orelia Barstow.

Sarah Orelia Barstow was born on 13 August 1864. She died in 1920. No children. Parents: Luther Barstow and Elizabeth Graves.

Spouse: George Rowland Smith. Sarah Orelia Barstow and George Rowland Smith were married on 18 December 1889.

E. L. Bartholomew (private).

Children were: Mary Helen Bartholomew.

Mary Helen Bartholomew was born on 13 May 1912. She graduated in 1934 in Wooster College, Wooster, OH. She died on 11 November 1960. Parents: E. L. Bartholomew.

Spouse: William Henry Kepler. Mary Helen Bartholomew and William Henry Kepler were married on 5 October 1937 in Altoona, Blair Co., PA. Children were: William David Kepler.

Nellie E. Bartlett was born on 28 March 1860. She died on 9 March 1885 in Warren, Washington Co., VT.

Spouse: Clifford Hayes Smith. Nellie E. Bartlett and Clifford Hayes Smith were married on 21 June 1882 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT.

Dorothy Barton (private).

Spouse: Wilbert Thomas Love. Children were: Wilberta D Love, Barbara Betty Love.

Helen Maria Barton was born on 8 March 1833 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. She died on 17 March 1915 in South Hadley Falls, Hampshire Co., MA. Parents: James Maddison Barton and Azubah Ferry.

Spouse: William Smith. Helen Maria Barton and William Smith were married on 13 November 1851 in Granby, Hampshire Co., MA. Children were: James Rutherford Smith, Louis Clifton Smith, William Hayes Smith, Allen Barton Smith.

James Maddison Barton (private).

Spouse: Azubah Ferry. Children were: Helen Maria Barton.

Caroline Bartow (private).

Spouse: Byron Kendall. Children were: Alice Kendall, Walter Baron Kendall, Estella Joanna Kendall, Wellington B. Kendall, Adela Jane Kendall, Floretta Kendall, Coit Henry Kendall M. D..

Elizabeth S. Bassett was born on 21 December 1858. She died on 21 March 1904.

Spouse: Matthew Thompson Scott. Elizabeth S. Bassett and Matthew Thompson Scott were married on 25 September 1879. Children were: Elizabeth Bassett Scott, Jane Suydam Scott.

Bateman (private).

Spouse: Douglas Kettelle Clay , Jr.. Children were: Child Clay, Child Clay.

Albert Gerbeding "Albert" Bates (private).

Spouse: Lucille Scott Devol.

Vera Harriet Bates (private).

Spouse: Henry Wells Stanley Hayes. Children were: Margaret Vera Hayes, Dorene Bates Hayes.

Barbara Baughman (private).

Spouse: H. Scurry Johnson. Children were: Leslie Scurry Johnson, William Scurry Johnson, Walter Baughman Johnson.

Douglas Wellesley Baumgartner (private). Parents: Richard Baumgartner and Susan Hubbard Arnold.

Elizabeth Craig Baumgartner (private). Parents: Richard Baumgartner and Susan Hubbard Arnold.

Spouse: James Patrick Judge.

Richard Baumgartner (private).

Spouse: Susan Hubbard Arnold. Children were: Elizabeth Craig Baumgartner, Douglas Wellesley Baumgartner.

Emily Holloway Bawden (private). Parents: Scott Lamont Bawden and Rebecca Holloway Woods.

Marshall Scott Bawden (private). Parents: Scott Lamont Bawden and Rebecca Holloway Woods.

Samuel Lamont Bawden (private). Parents: Scott Lamont Bawden and Rebecca Holloway Woods.

Scott Lamont Bawden (private).

Spouse: Rebecca Holloway Woods. Children were: Emily Holloway Bawden, Marshall Scott Bawden, Samuel Lamont Bawden.

Annis Bayford died on 15 March 1682 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA. She was born.

Spouse: William Chandler. Annis Bayford and William Chandler were married on 6 November 1625 in Farnham, Essex, England. Children were: Thomas Chandler Capt..

Spouse: John Dane.

Spouse: John Parmenter. Annis Bayford and John Parmenter were married in 1660.

Judy Bayliss (private).

Spouse: Mark Alexander Reagan.

Gertrude Ashby Bayne was born about 1884. She died in 1981 in Alexandria, Alexandria Co., VA.25 She was buried on 7 February 1981 in Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Fayette Co., KY.25 Section O, Lot 152 Parents: Dr. John W. Bayne.

Spouse: Dr. Scott Dudley Breckinridge. Gertrude Ashby Bayne and Dr. Scott Dudley Breckinridge were married on 19 April 1911 in Washington D.C.. Children were: John Bayne Breckinridge, Scott Dudley Breckinridge Jr., Gertrude Bayne "Trudy" Breckinridge.

Dr. John W. Bayne (private).

Children were: Gertrude Ashby Bayne.

Frank Bledsoe Bazzel (private).

Spouse: Rebecca Ann Rodes Nash.

Albert Rutherford Beach was born on 12 March 1869 in Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ. Parents: Platt Beach and Helen Gertrude Moody.

Platt Beach was born on 10 October 1842 in Spencertown, Columbia Co., NY. He lived in Plainfield, NY in 1868. He lived in New York, New York Co., NY in 1870. He was a jeweler.

Spouse: Helen Gertrude Moody. Helen Gertrude Moody and Platt Beach were married on 16 June 1868 in Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY. Children were: Albert Rutherford Beach.

Pauline Beardsley (private).

Spouse: Josiah William Ware II. Children were: LeRoy Ware.

Antoinette Amanda Beaty26 was born on 20 April 1835 in Wayne, KY. She died on 6 April 1871.

Spouse: Dr. Isaac Webb Cunningham. Children were: Cordelia Webb Cunningham, Elizabeth Cunningham, Martin Beaty Cunningham.

Laurie Sue Bebe (private).

Spouse: Philip William Agnew Marsteller. Children were: Jennifer Michelle Marsteller, Stephanie Christine Marsteller.

Hattie Rosemond Bechtel (private).

Spouse: James William Hook. Children were: Rose Virginia Hook.

Beau Becker (private). Parents: Jeffrey Becker and Sherilyn Dackerman.

Elli Becker (private). Parents: Jeffrey Becker and Jill McCartney.

Jeffrey Becker (private). Parents: Michael G. Becker and Linda Kay Cox.

Spouse: Sherilyn Dackerman. Children were: Beau Becker.

Spouse: Jill McCartney. Children were: Tess Becker, Elli Becker.

Michael G. Becker (private).

Spouse: Linda Kay Cox. Children were: Scott Becker, Jeffrey Becker.

Scott Becker (private). Parents: Michael G. Becker and Linda Kay Cox.

Spouse: Brandi Hull.

Tess Becker (private). Parents: Jeffrey Becker and Jill McCartney.

S Beckett (private).

Spouse: Mary (Patty?) Birchard.

Carrie Beckwith (private).

Spouse: Coit Henry Kendall M. D..