Lisa Rene Bailey (private).

Spouse: Dale Madison Taylor.

May Stone Bailey (private).

Spouse: Wayne Bailey Bailey. Children were: Alice May Bailey.

Scott Martin Bailey (private). Parents: Frank Thomas Bailey and Kathleen Coke McLaurin.

Spouse: Kathleen Hanrahan.

Wayne Bailey Bailey (private).

Spouse: May Stone Bailey. Children were: Alice May Bailey.

Ann West Bain17 was born on 17 September 1838 in KY. She died on 4 October 1903 in Lexington, Fayette Co., KY. Dear Mr. Woods,
I received this record in the mail from a correspondent from a few years ago. It applies to your ancestor William Bain or Bean of Maryland. I thought you would be interested in it.
Sincerely, Jim Petty
"William Bean, who was born in Scotland, enlisted from Cecil County, Maryland, 1776, in the Flying Corps and his letters from Long Hill show he served under Lord Stirling." (DAR)

Cecil County, Maryland is in the north east corner of the state

The following is copied from an old letter of her grandfather's, which Nannie Bain Didlake loaned some of the family and so let the original get out of her possession.

(The blanks are words which cannot be deciphered in the original letter)

- - - - - - - - -


Elizabeth Bean,
Living in East Nottingham,
Cecil County, Maryland.

Kindness of Mr. Samuel Hill.

Lord Stirling's Headquarters,

March 8th, 1777

My Dear Betcy:-

I am now alone in my quarters, which is more than I can say since I left home before, and can't help mentioning that it would be the most agreeable thing in the world to me, to have your company this day, and what would still the more sweeten our joys, pleasures and happiness, would be to see my dear little Polly sitting on your lap playing and ____ ____ ____ ____ has given me much pleasure. Best knowing that I a deprived of that pleasure for sometime, I sit down and take my pen in order to communicate some of my thoughts to you in writing, which must serve for this time, seeing the distance we are apart renders it impossible we should be together for sometime, but I hope to see the day when I will meet you with as much pleasure and joy as ever sun met morning.

I am now at a loss what to say about our comp. affairs ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ (sixth blank looks like Colonel) Washington to have taken some qualifications ____ the purport of which is that the Magisterial Troops at their headquarters, which is Brunswick, are making the greatest preparations for imbarcation and they at N. York are knocking off the arms and spiking up a gt. quantity of their cannon, supposed to be the most of them that they cannot well take with them. If this is found to be the true state of the matter, we with the whole army will be called to endeavor to cut off their retreat at Brunswick, but my idea of the matter rather runs thus that these preparations are only a sham, in order to decoy us more in their power, which I think will be work waisted. If you ever hear for certain that they have left this, you may depend they are going to strike nearer us, and we will immediately be ordered to Philadelphia and perhaps home. We are now stationed
at a place called Long Hill within about 12 miles of the English lines. We are safe and at ease here, yet we know not when we shall be ordered nearer them.

I am billeted where I ____ a ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____, or wounded of ours pass. Tomorrow ___________ parade before the Colonels. I have no opportunity of sending this yet, so will keep it open in the event that anything new turns up, I may acquaint you of it, so I shall writ
no more at present, only to desire you not to make yourself uneasy because I receive no letter from you. I know it is hard for you to find opportunities.

Be cheerful, go abroad and divert yourself as well as possible, and don't think hard of my being absent from you. I hope God, in His kind Providence will conduct me safe home to you again in His own good time. So my dear, Trust God & leave the events to Him.

March 15th-- At the same quarters. In good health.
It appears now that I have an opportunity of sending you this letter, which I am glad to embrace, and in it to acquaint you that my ideas of the English are as above, and we are ordered off tomorrow to Quibble-town in order to throw up entrenchments, where four companies of our battalions have been for a week past. I cant say that I have stood in great need of any of the necessaries of life, yet I expect to-morrow at breakfast I shall eat the last of my butter &
sausages, I have about 1 lb of salt beef & Neats tongue, & a piece, with about 10 of your little cakes, which is all my store.

I am mistaken, I have both mustard pepper & onions I cannot tell when I shall get home, but expect it sometime in the forepart of April ________ Apologies for my not writing to my friends, as I knew of no opportunity until this minute, but remember my love to all of them, and accept the same from your loving husband.

William Bean

P.S. Remember me to Peggy and all the rest of our people, tell Charles I expect he will not

Spouse: George Ware Didlake. Ann West Bain and George Ware Didlake were married on 7 November 1867. Children were: William Bain Didlake, Catherine Ware Didlake, Mary LeGrand Didlake, Nannie Bain Didlake, George Ware Didlake , Jr..

Abigail Baker (private).

Spouse: Moses Forbes. Children were: Hannah Laurinda "Laura" Forbes.

Arthur (Al) Lorenz "Toot" Baker was born on 29 September 1900 in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH.18 He died on 29 September 1979 in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH.18,19 Parents: Arthur Ernest Baker and Daisy Beatrice Lorenz.

Spouse: Gratia Katherine Harrison. Gratia Katherine Harrison and Arthur (Al) Lorenz "Toot" Baker were married on 28 April 1926. Children were: Martha Joyce Baker, Gratia Lucy Baker, Katherine Harrison "Trina" Baker.

Arthur Ernest Baker20 was born about 1858 in OH. He lived in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH in 1925. He appeared in the census in 1930 in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH. 1807 Madison St.,Toledo, OH. Arthur died in 1933 in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH. Founded Baker Bros, Inc. in Toledo Parents: William Baker.

Spouse: Daisy Beatrice Lorenz. Daisy Beatrice Lorenz and Arthur Ernest Baker were married on 7 April 1896. Children were: Martha Beatrice Baker, William Baker, Gerald Van Cleve Baker, Arthur (Al) Lorenz "Toot" Baker.

Spouse: Alice Berdan. Children were: Frances E. Baker.

Beatrice Henrietta Baker was born in 1892. She died in 1939. She was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH. Parents: Royal F Baker.

Spouse: Sherman Otis Hayes. Beatrice Henrietta Baker and Sherman Otis Hayes were married on 14 February 1912 in Newport, Lincoln Co., OR. Children were: Lucy Webb Hayes.

Frances E. Baker died before 2001.19 Parents: Arthur Ernest Baker and Alice Berdan.

Spouse: Lloyd Thomas Williams. Children were: Elizabeth Frances "Betsy" Williams, Alice Pamela Williams, Lloyd Thomas Williams Jr., William Williams, Arthur Baker Williams.

Gerald Van Cleve Baker was born on 12 July 1904 in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH.21 He died on 4 January 2001 in Delray Beach, Palm Beach Co., FL.22 Parents: Arthur Ernest Baker and Daisy Beatrice Lorenz.

Children were: Laurance B. Nilsen.

Gratia Lucy Baker (private). Parents: Arthur (Al) Lorenz "Toot" Baker and Gratia Katherine Harrison.

Spouse: Shutt.

Katherine Harrison "Trina" Baker (private). Parents: Arthur (Al) Lorenz "Toot" Baker and Gratia Katherine Harrison.

Spouse: Richard E. Riordan. Children were: Katharine Harrison Riordan, Betsy Baldwin Riordan, Jane Baker Riordan, Richard James Riordan.

Krista Leann Baker (private). Parents: Richard Eugene Baker and Lulabelle Holloway.

Spouse: Richard Allen Stigall. Children were: Ellie Marie Stigall.

Martha Beatrice Baker was born on 22 December 1896 in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH. She died on 27 October 1988 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. She was buried on 29 October 1988 in Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH. Parents: Arthur Ernest Baker and Daisy Beatrice Lorenz.

Spouse: Webb Cook Hayes II. Martha Beatrice Baker and Webb Cook Hayes II were married on 29 April 1919 in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH. Children were: Webb Cook Hayes III, Arthur Baker Hayes, Scott Birchard Hayes.

Spouse: Harry Converse Wilder.

Martha Joyce Baker (private). Parents: Arthur (Al) Lorenz "Toot" Baker and Gratia Katherine Harrison.

Spouse: Patterson.

Richard Alexander Baker23 was born on 4 September 1865 in Carroll City, Carroll Co., MO. He died on 13 October 1940.

Spouse: Irma Augustine LeBrot. Irma Augustine LeBrot and Richard Alexander Baker were married in August 1911 in Frankfort, Franklin Co., KY.

Richard Eugene Baker (private).

Spouse: Lulabelle Holloway. Children were: Stacy Jeanne Baker, Krista Leann Baker.

Royal F Baker (private).

Children were: Beatrice Henrietta Baker.

Stacy Jeanne Baker (private). Parents: Richard Eugene Baker and Lulabelle Holloway.

Spouse: Jeffrey Wayne Wolfe.

Timothy Baker (private).

Children were: William Baker.

William Baker (private).

William Baker (private). Parents: Timothy Baker.

Children were: Arthur Ernest Baker.

William Baker was born on 22 December 1896. He died about 1945.19 Parents: Arthur Ernest Baker and Daisy Beatrice Lorenz.

Spouse: Jennifer Wright.

Baldwin (private).

Spouse: M. . Children were: Dr. Robert Baldwin, Alex Stuart Baldwin.

Alex Stuart Baldwin (private). Parents: Baldwin and M. .

Spouse: Kitty Mackay.

B.L. Baldwin (private).

Spouse: Lucy Howell. Children were: Daisy Baldwin.

Daisy Baldwin (private). Parents: B.L. Baldwin and Lucy Howell.

Marthesia Baldwin died on 16 July 1855.

Spouse: John Joseph Cook. Marthesia Baldwin and John Joseph Cook were married on 12 November 1839 in Blackford Co., IN. Children were: Maria Webb Cook, Rhoda P. "Bessie?" Cook, Edward Baldwin Cook, Bates Millard Cook, Marthesia B. Cook.

Mary baldwin (private).

Spouse: John Birchard. Children were: Elias Birchard.

Mehetable Baldwin3 was born on 22 June 1776 in Durham, Greene Co., NY. She died on 9 October 1860 in Durham, Greene Co., NY. Parents: Noah Baldwin and Mehetable Parmalee.

Spouse: Luther Hayes. Children were: William Baldwin Hayes, Joel Post Hayes, Eveline Mehetabel Hayes, Climera Rebecca Hayes, Ophelia Hayes, Luther Hayes, Newton Hayes, Harriet Louisa Hayes, Willaim Baldwin Hayes, Horace Addison Hayes, Vestina Zilpha Hayes.

Noah Baldwin (private).

Spouse: Mehetable Parmalee. Children were: Mehetable Baldwin.

Dr. Robert Baldwin (private). Parents: Baldwin and M. .

Spouse: Sally Mackay.

Zada L. Baldwin (private).

Spouse: William Lewis Cook. Children were: Charles Milo Cook, Joseph Thompson Cook, Ellen Kate Cook, Henry Lewis Cook, Hortense E. Cook, Lucy L. Cook.

Ball (private). Parents: John Ball and Mary Wickliffe.

Ball (private). Parents: John Ball and Mary Wickliffe.

Ball (private). Parents: John Ball and Mary Wickliffe.

Ball (private). Parents: John Ball and Mary Wickliffe.

Ball (private). Parents: John Ball and Mary Wickliffe.

Amy Ball (private).

Spouse: Edward V. Birchard. Children were: Ruth Arlena Birchard, Robert Milton Birchard, Vesta Louise Birchard, Allison Herbert Birchard, Frederick Ball Birchard.

Ann Ball (private).

Spouse: Milo Pettibone. Children were: Pettibone, Pettibone, Pettibone, Pettibone, Pettibone, Pettibone, Pettibone, Pettibone.

Deborah Lynn Ball (private). Parents: Richard Blatchford Ball and Emily Arnold.

Spouse: Kevin Eugene Haynes. Children were: Val Haynes.

Frances "Fanny" Ball (private).

Spouse: Fauntleroy. Children were: Winny Fauntleroy, Elizabeth Fauntleroy, Fauntleroy, Fauntleroy, Fauntleroy, Fauntleroy.

Frances Ball (private). Parents: William Ball and Drusilla (Priscilla) Webb.

John Ball (private).

Spouse: Mary Wickliffe. Children were: Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball.

John W. Ball (private). Parents: William Ball and Drusilla (Priscilla) Webb.

Kathryn Leslie Ball (private). Parents: Richard Blatchford Ball and Emily Arnold.

Spouse: Dino Gay. Children were: Ricci Gay, Reggie Gay.

Lucy R. Ball (private).

Spouse: Horace Birchard. Children were: Perry C. Birchard, L. Olive Birchard, Milan Birchard, Emaline Birchard.

Maureen Laura "Rini" Ball (private). Parents: Richard Blatchford Ball and Emily Arnold.

Spouse: Peter Kilcoyne. Children were: Torrance Power Kilcoyne, Hannah R. Kilcoyne.

Nancy Washington Ball24 was born about 1793. She died about 1839 in LA. Parents: William Ball and Drusilla (Priscilla) Webb.

Spouse: William Moore Fauntleroy. Nancy Washington Ball and William Moore Fauntleroy were married on 12 April 1809 in Frederick Co., VA. Children were: Elizabeth Carter Fauntleroy, Thornton Fauntleroy, William Bushrod Fauntleroy, Winifred Fauntleroy, Drucilla Ball Fauntleroy, Frances Washington Fauntleroy, Franklin Ball Fauntleroy, Thomas Moore Fauntleroy.