Spouse: Wilbur Leslie Gaunt. Children were: Marian Gaunt, William Leslie Gaunt, Robert Mitchell Gaunt, David Gaunt.

Alice Therese (private).

Spouse: Blanchard. Children were: Maude Blanchard Anderson.

Spouse: Anderson.

Almeda (private).

Spouse: Carl Bengtson. Children were: Olga Concordia Bengtson.

Alyce (private).

Spouse: John Peter Sebring.

Amey1 died on 21 October 1794.

Spouse: Capt. Adonijah Royce. Amey and Capt. Adonijah Royce were married. Children were: Pamelia Royce.

Ann (private).

Spouse: John wakefield. Children were: Mary wakefield.

Anna Marie (private).

Spouse: William E. Metcalf. Children were: Marguerite Metcalf Campbell.

Anonymous (private).

Spouse: John Humphrey Noyes. Children were: Consuelo B Noyes, Gertrude Hayes Noyes, Thomas N Noyes.

Audry (private).

Spouse: Henry Mathews Towar.

Barbara R. (private).

Spouse: Laurance B. Nilsen.

Barbara R. (private).

Spouse: Laurance B. Nilsen.

Betsy (private).

Spouse: Rev. John Griswold. Children were: Sally Griswold.

Bridget was born about 1615 in England. She died on 7 May 1695 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA.

Spouse: John Higgins. Bridget and John Higgins were married in England. Children were: Esther Higgins.

Spouse: John Clifford.

Camilla (private). Parents: Nicole Fitch.

Child (private). Parents: Gwendelyn Cooley.

Darleen (private).

Spouse: Michael Arnold.

Deborah (private).

Spouse: Capt. Adonijah Royce.

Dona (private).

Spouse: Michael Tierney. Children were: Colleen Cathryn Tierney.

Eleanor (private).

Spouse: Reuben Rice. Children were: Mary Denman Rice.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Giles Webb ?. Children were: Isaac Webb Sr..

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Parson Henry Robinson. Children were: Mary Robinson.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Bryce Douglas Welch. Children were: Barbara Welch.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Edward Tiffin Cook Jr.. Children were: Edward Tiffin Cook III, Elizabeth Cook, Spencer Cook, DeWitt Cook.

Elizabeth (private).

Spouse: Nicholas Gosard. Children were: John Gosard.

Ellen (private).

Spouse: Phillip Hastings.

Elsie (private).

Spouse: Rev. J. G. Stuart Udy. Children were: James Stuart Udy.

Emilene (private).

Spouse: Nathaniel Tan Tooker Jr..

Ervilla (private).

Spouse: William Hayes Hitchcock. Children were: Anna Daisy Hitchcock.

Essie (private).

Spouse: William Thomas Congleton. Children were: Helen Congleton.

Fanny Gill (private).

Spouse: Thomas Thurlow Haunton Jr.. Children were: Gertrude Frances "Gertrude Fanny" Haunton.

Frances (private).

Spouse: William Henry Kepler. Children were: Ronald Kepler, Earl Kepler, Carolyn Kepler, William Kepler.

Hannah (private).

Spouse: John Parmelee. Children were: Mary Parmelee.

Hannah (private).

Spouse: Philip Loomis. Children were: Mary Loomis, Sarah Loomis.

Hannah was born about 1804 in NY.

Spouse: Judge Joseph R Swan. Hannah and Judge Joseph R Swan were married. Children were: Ann F. Swan.

Harriet A. (private).

Spouse: Zachariah Ross. Children were: Nellie A. Ross.

Harriette McK (private).

Spouse: Edward E Franchot. Children were: Katherine DuBois Franchot.

Heide (private). Parents: Ann Rodes.

Spouse: Husband. Children were: Child Husband, Child Husband, Child Husband.

Ida (private).

Children were: John Robert Segal.

Jane (private).

Spouse: Thomas Newberry. Children were: Rebecca Newberry.

Jeanne (private).

Spouse: David Kendall. Children were: Barbara Kendall.

Jennifer (private).

Spouse: Birchard Platt Hayes II. Children were: Gunther Hayes, Hayes.

Jessie (private).

Spouse: Russell "Rusty" Hastings.

Kathy (private).

Spouse: Albert Kempton "Kim" Fitch. Children were: Jennifer Fitch, Heather Fitch.

Lala Fatima (private).

Spouse: Sidi Abd'lani Baradi. Children were: Sidi Mohamed Ali Baradi.

Laura (private).

Spouse: David Underhill. Children were: Althea Underhill.

Leona (private).

Spouse: Earl Lampard. Children were: William Dyre Lampard.

M. (private).

Spouse: David Alexander. Children were: Morgan Alexander.

M. (private).

Spouse: Baldwin. Children were: Dr. Robert Baldwin, Alex Stuart Baldwin.

M. (private).

Spouse: David McCandless. Children were: McCandless, McCandless, McCandless, McCandless.