Sixth Generation

563. William Bancroft was born on 8 October 1824 in Chesterfield, Hampshire Co., MA. He died on 30 October 1895. He lived in Chesterfield, Hampshire Co., MA.4 "One of Uncle [Dyer Bancroft's] boys--William, I think, the one intended for a scholar, at any rate--had given up going to college, and after some consultation it was agreed that he should spend the winter in Lower Sandusky [later Fremont, Ohio] where [John R.] Pease is to use him as a tinker, a peddler, clerk of whatever he pleases, and see what he is good for. He looks like a tolerable sort of boy, but he was as solemn as a gravestone, owing in part doubtless to a stiff neck in consequence of a cold caught in haying..."
R.B. Hayes to his sister, Fanny Hayes Platt, August 8, 1847.

William Bancroft and Julia Ann Trowbridge were married on 7 June 1854.4 Julia Ann Trowbridge was born on 12 January 1827 in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT.4 She lived in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT about 1854. She died on 14 July 1897. Of New Haven, CT.

William Bancroft and Julia Ann Trowbridge had the following children:



Ellen Josephine Bancroft.



Frederick Hale Bancroft.



William Rutherford Hayes Bancroft.



Caroline Eliza Bancroft.