Sixth Generation

543. Janette "Jinny" Elliot was born on 11 December 1820 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT. She died on 6 September 1899 in Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH. She was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH. Jinny lived in 417 Birchard Ave., Fremont, OH. Member of the Presbyterian Church. She wrote poetry for the Fremont Journal and other newspapers.
At the age of four, she was taken by her elder sisters to see Lafayette, who visited the village school, and in her young womanhood she knew Catharine and Harriet Beecher (Stowe) who lived for a time in Brattleboro. The Hunts, William the artist, and Richard, the architect, were her school-fellows; and Mrs. Sigourney and President Mark Hopkins were friends of her youth. Her school life in Brattleboro was followed by two years at Mrs. Draper's private school at Hartford, Conn., after which she lived with brothers and sisters in North Adams, Mass, New Haven, Conn., and Providence, R.I. She was living in Providence at the time of the Dorr Rebellion in 1842 and was one day herself watched and followed as a suspected spy. In 1850 she made her first visit to her brother John R. Pease, an influential citizen of Lower Sandusky, now Fremont, Ohio, and returned again and again to enjoy what was then absolutely frontier life. The long trip from the east was made by way of the lakes. On her first arrival in Lower Sandusky, the wagon containing herself and her trunk was stranded in a mud hole on what was afterwards her home for over forty years, now in the very heart of the city.
Extracted from
"In Memoriam" - Fremont Journal, Sept 8, 1899, pg. 3, col. 4

Janette "Jinny" Elliot and Isaac Marvin Keeler were married on 12 May 1857 in Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH. Isaac Marvin Keeler was born on 8 September 1823 in Sharon Township, Richland Co., OH. He died on 17 February 1907 in Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH. He lived in Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH.4 Isaac was a printer and editor.4 Isaac Keeler was a newspaper owner, publisher and editor, publishing for many years The Fremont Journal. At one time he was also in the insurance and real estate business. He was a Presbyterian, 1843-1907; I.O.O. F., 1851-1907; a 32nd Degree Mason, treasurer of the Masonic Lodge Chapter and Council in Fremont.

Janette "Jinny" Elliot and Isaac Marvin Keeler had the following children:



Lucy Elliot Keeler was born on 27 September 1864 in Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH.
Born at the house at 417 Birchard Ave., Fremont, OH She died on 11 March 1930 in Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH. She was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH. Lucy Keeler attended Fremont public schools, and Wells College; joined a correspondence school initiated by a distant cousin, Miss Anna Ticknor of Boston for two years as a student, and more than fifteen years as an instructor in American History. She published, for a year, a little monthly, Pot Pourri; was a correspondent and contributor for her father's newspaper, The Fremont Journal. She also contributed articles to Outlook, Outing, Harper's Weekly, Harper's Bazaar, Wide-Awake, Youth's Companion, etc., and wrote numerous monographs on Ohio and local history. She was the author of two books, If I Were a Girl Again and If I Were a Boy. She was a charter member of the Matinee Musical Club and of the Col. George Croghan Chapter, D.A.R. (Fremont, Oh). After the return of ex-President Hayes and Mrs. Hayes from Washington, she was in constant, almost daily, contact with them.
by Watt Marchman

Obituary in the Fremont Messenger, March 11, 1930 p. 1 and March 12, 1930, pg. 3.



Samuel Pease Keeler.



Nettie Reed Keeler was born on 26 October 1861 in Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH. She died on 25 August 1863 in Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH. She was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont, Sandusky Co., OH.